The Easiest Cake Recipe You’ve Ever Tried!

It’s my birthday today, so I thought what better way to celebrate than with a gorgeous (and easy!) cake recipe for you all! Today’s post comes from our newest contributor – Chloe from Bloom & Beam Floral Co. This cake is for real delish guys – I hope you try it out!

When it comes to the world of baking, there’s nothing more classic than a well crafted cake. And truthfully, we’ve had our eyes set on naked cakes for quite awhile now. The raw edges and defined layers portrays a perfectly undone feel, that obviously leaves us drooling. Apart from looks, baking a delicious cake starts with intentional ingredients and boy oh boy do we have one of best kept secrets up our sleeve !

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Why you should hire a Wedding Planner

ten reasons to hire a 


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How to Throw the Sweetest Galentines Brunch

It’s no surprise I love Valentine’s Day. I hand make cards for friends practically every year for as long as I can remember. Anyways, throwing a party for my girls is probably my favorite part of Valentines… or should I say Galentines! This year, instead of a candlelit seven course dinner ending in chocolate… I gathered a dream team to pull off the prettiest and sweetest (as in baked goods) brunch you ever did see!

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Breakfast In Bed Valentine Style

Alright, I’m calling all the ladies out today. This is  your Valentine’s Day (or week or whatever) challenge. I love this holiday, but I don’t necessary love the commercialized expectations it holds. Why are flowers expected today… why not randomly on a day where you just want to brighten a loved ones day? Doesn’t that feel more real? Of course it does. But I love the reminder to do a little something extra. Not because you have to. Because you want to. That being said… why is it always on the guy. C’mon ladies – let’s show our partners some love this year with a little sweet + savory breakfast in bed!

Side note: I ate everything at this shoot and it’s all truly delicious! Also… that’s me modeling with my cute hubby ;-)

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Hadron Epoch Los Angeles

Happy Hump Day friends! Hope all you LA people are staying dry out there with all the rain we’ve been having! I’ve been fortunate to do a bit of travelling so far this year. We went up to the mountains during a crazy snow storm, I’ve burned my Christmas tree on the sand listening to the waves crash with dear friends, and I recently returned from a warm and colorful week in Palm Springs (more on that soon!) with about 500 other creatives networking and connecting with each other. Phew! It’s been a whirlwind and it’s only February! Anyone else feel like things just got started and already it’s going by SO FAST? Just me? Okay :-)

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