Real Wedding: Jill & Joe

I’m so excited to share with you my first post of 2015! You may remember from last year – I posted that I not only wanted to share photos and details from my past brides, but I also wanted to simply share their love stories. I have an incredible opportunity to be surrounded by so much love in what I do and I wanted to share that positivity in my blog and social media outlets. So today is all about Jill & Joe and their adorable love story and their epic wedding last Fall.

Jill was maybe hands down one of my easiest brides last year. And Joe was hands down the coolest groom ever. I seriously was always laughing with these two! Jill was SO laid back about everything and Joe just wanted his good ol’ southern bbq and a family style atmosphere. Those were his only requests. I seriously LOVED working with them! And what I loved even more was their adorable love story. I feel like Jill and I were a bit alike. We were planners. We were organized. And we took charge of things. So when she was planning a special trip for the two of them, the whole thing being her idea and all – she never would have guessed that the whole trip was actually part of Joe’s proposal… I’ll let you hear it from the bride herself =)

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Joe and I met 6 years ago at a mutual friends house party. One of my best friends Chris introduced us… and he was hoping to play matchmaker… I wasn’t really looking for a relationship. Fast forward a couple months… and a group of us all go out to dinner for Chris’s birthday… and Joe and I started talking and we just clicked. On our first official date he asked me if I wanted to go out for shots after work before I was leaving on a family vacation…
I was thinking alcohol and going to a bar or something… he picked me up and he started driving and he took me to jamba juice for wheat-grass shots… how cute is that? 
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The proposal… I planned a little 4 day get-a-away to Lake Tahoe… just a trip for the 2 of us before it got super crazy with the holidays. I never thought Joe would propose on a trip… because he would think I would think he was going to propose… so I definitely didnt expect him to propose. We were in Lake Tahoe Wednesday- Saturday…. so Friday we decided to go to Virginia City… people in Tahoe said it was something we should do. So we go back to the 60’s/70’s… Virignia City… home of Bonanza… and spend the day going to Saloons, having lunch, a little gambling and some thrift stores. We start heading back to Tahoe…. and once we get close to the hotel Joe mentions that he wants to have a nice dinner since its our last night. He asks me what I want and I of say it didnt matter… I was up for anything. He mentions going to a restaurant we saw a couple days earlier… Kalanis… and I’m like ohh thats expensive are you sure? So he insists we go there… so we get there… its early bird special time (5 ish) and the restuarant is relatively empty… just a couple people at the sushi bar. So I assume we are going to sit at the sushi bar… and the waitress heads that way but joe asks if we can sit at a table (which at this point we’re the only ones at a table) So Joe asks me if I want to get a bottle of wine (trying to be romantic) and I’m like naahhhh… I think I’m just gonna have a beer… Totally killing it not realizing what was going to happen . So we order our meal… have a really nice dinner… The waitress asks if we want dessert and we say yes… she goes to get the menu… and he tells me to order whatever I want… and then Joe just gets up and walks away (to the bathroom) but doesnt say anything which was werid. So he comes back… the waitress is there to take the dessert order but Joe asks her if she could take our picture… and as shes going to take a picture I see him pull something out of his pocket out of the corner of my eye. I look and start freaking out inside… and then the waitress whos tying to take our picture realizes whats happening and starts freaking out because she cant work the camera. So at the restaurant he asked me to marry him… and I said of course… and that was the start of #happilyeveryoung. 
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Purple was obviously a strong theme throughout the day – but mostly Jill and Joe wanted a beautiful yet fun environment. They wanted to guests to have a fun time, and just feel loved on.  We incorporated so many shades of purple into their day so that it wasn’t just two dimensional.  The escort card wall we built was adorned with Disney paint chips that came from Jill’s work and it rested near a stunning fountain on the property.
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The table design was so much fun – everyone loved all the unique centerpieces. As with all my design clients – I urge them to create a palette that is more than just a couple colors. We look for an array of colors as well as textures to pull off an amazing look.  Jill and I worked with rose gold, brushed antique gold as well as chalk black and sequin to make their reception have a more dynamic feel. I scoured all of the mismatched vintage centerpieces at flea markets and thrift stores for months. I’ve never had a wedding where more guests were begging to take the centerpieces home! The vintage pieces paired perfectly with such organic and vibrant florals from Florals by Susan.
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Custom beer cozies were handed out to all the guests from the bar and were a huge hit! We also incorporated custom rose gold imprinted purple napkins with a special detail signifiant to the couple – people were saving the napkins they were so beautiful!
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All the rentals including the amazing tenting, chandeliers, and the light up bar were provided by A1 Event Rentals – the result was flawless! The tent design was really fun as well – we sort of wrapped all the tables around the dance floor so that everyone was fairly close to it. The idea was to create more of a party atmosphere and it totally worked! We also didn’t have a traditional head table or sweetheart table. Jill and Joe wanted everything to be family style and they wanted to spend as much time being right along with everyone as possible.
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Congrats again Jill and Joe! It was such a joy to work with you and meet all your friends and family!
Venue: Rancho Camulos // Design & Coordination: Tasteful Tatters // Photography : Joel Llacar Photography // Rentals : A1 Event Rentals // Catering: Famous Daves BBQ // Florals: Flowers By Susan // Bar Service: Catered Cocktails

Gift Guide for Your Besties

Or your sister, clients, gal pals, really all the ladies in your life will most likely gush over one or all of these items! I know I would squeal with delight with one of these if it was under the tree (hint, hint Mr. H).  All of these are small, local businesses (to CA) and no one is paying me to share this post. I just truly believe in these products and love supporting small businesses as much as possible.

First up we have the PERFECT gift for the gal that loves bath & beauty products – but also loves to DIY. These DIY kits come from Handcrafted Honeybee (my latest obsession) and they come in all different sizes and styles. From face masks to lip balms, and deodorants to bath salts. They have all your bath and beauty needs covered! Each kit comes with literally everything you would need as well. And my favorite part – when ordering online, you can totally customize each kit to the scent or ad-ons to fit your friends (or yours – let’s me honest) needs. All the materials used are 100% natural and great alternatives to chemical infused products.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 3.22.51 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 3.23.11 PM

Next we have amazing body mist sprays from Olivine Atelier. If you follow me on instagram – you’ve probably seen a post of two of these beauties. And if you are a bride of mine – you’ve received the Love + Roses in the mail recently… or will soon (spoiler alert!) I’m totally obsessed with the Love + Salt spray as well. I mist it right into my hair for some natural salt spray texture. Feels just like I’ve been at the beach. This is a great stocking stuffer at such a great price!

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 10.01.12 AM

I just discovered Piece By Paz, and I am SO glad I did in time for the holiday season! This husband and wife duo make these gorgeous beeswax + soy candles out of recycled wine bottles! How cool is that? And why infuse beeswax, you ask? Because beeswax is good for you! Who knew? The scents are so unique and beautiful – you’ll want one of each! Another cool detail, is those tags you see right there – you can literally put them in the ground & flowers will sprout! The tags are eco friendly and filled with seeds. Ugh, I’m obsessed.  Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 8.43.31 AM

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 8.43.56 AM


These yoga mats can be found at which is an online marketplace for high quality natural made products from local artisans all the way to bigger brands. They carry Affirmats which are latex and Phthalates free, and made from a jute/eco pvc blend. And the best part – they have these cool affirmations on them: “believe there is good in the world,” “I radiate love,” and the one in the photo is ” rise, and shine on.” These are really affordable for yoga mats, and would make such a great gift from the beginner to the full fledged yogi in your life =) Right now, you can get 20% these mats by entering SECRETSALE20 at checkout!! These are just my fav right now on the site – but there are so many other awesome products they feature – you could probably find something for everyone.
Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 4.22.20 PM

My good friend started an Etsy shop recently, it’s called Stone & Willow, and I am blown away by all the cuteness. I just ordered this deer pillow and I think I’ll keep it out all through Feb… or all year long for that matter! It is so so gorgeous and so beautifully handmade. I want to get a pillow case for all the ladies in my life! Plus, she has adorable ornaments if you have an ornament gift exchange party – those always tend to sneak up on me =) Anyways, amazing handmade products, made right here in LA!


And last, but certainly not least! Savour This Kitchen’s 4 spice blends would make the perfect gift for the cook (or if you’re like me – the one who can’t cook, but the spice blends help me look like I can!) in your life. Every spice is dairy free and there is no sugar or salt added. And let me tell you, they totally transform a meal! I also love how they have recipes on the best ways to use them right on their website!


I hope this gives you some unique, and swoon worthy ideas for gifts for the ladies in your life… or if you’re like me, you can pin them and show them to your husband for YOUR wish list ;-) Am I right, or am I right? Stay tuned for more posts from my 12 Days of Christmas series that I’ll be recapping on the left <— sidebar for more gift ideas!

12 Days of Christmas Crafts

I seriously cannot believe it is already the 6th of December!!! Wasn’t it JUST November 1st?! I feel like this is a total sign of me getting older… time is literally flying by. I have so many wedding next year, it barely feels like December when my mind is constantly on 2015 spring, summer, and fall!


Last year, I put together a pretty cool (if I do say so myself) 12 Days of Christmas Craft Series and it generated a great response. It was so fun to see everyone who participated sharing their versions of all the projects! I did everything from stocking stuffers to home decor, and even ornaments! So, I thought it might be fun to share some of the posts again – some of you maybe didn’t have time to do all of them, or some of you are new readers and have no clue what I’m talking about haha. I won’t be posting each post again… but I’ll be posting new links on the right sidebar every day or two to a new project.





I’ll also be posting them on my Instagram – so if you don’t follow me yet – find me at @TastefulTatters to get all the latest projects! I’ll probably be making some of these again as well – so let’s all follow each other’s progress with the hashtag #TTtwelvedaysofChristmas

Special thanks to Whitney B. Lucas for photographing ALL my projects last year – thanks girl!!!


Thanksgiving Leftovers Like You’ve Never Seen

After Thanksgiving recipes-2042-X2

I recently was apart of such an incredible shoot. Not because the location was the “most amazing spot ever” or because we had professional models who regularly grace magazine pages. And not even because I had some killer DIY’s to contribute or mega sponsors to provide me all my favorite pieces for the tablescape. It was incredible, because well, the food was out of this world. And… it was just, real life. The location was my side yard. The “models” were just all us friends. The decor was simple, beautiful, and TOTALLY attainable by anyone (hello, Target and World Market). The centerpieces were so amazing because we used WHEAT, yes colorful wheat found at the farmer’s market – and cotton, yup, cotton. It was so fall/wintery, and incredible. I loved every bit of it. Oh, and did I mention the FOOD?!

After Thanksgiving recipes-1984-X2

After Thanksgiving recipes-1988-X2

It seems so simple on the surface. Create a menu with all Thanksgiving leftovers… but with a twist. Chef and owner of Savour This Kitchen, Marlene Bernstein (and my dear friend) really stepped up her game with these recipes. Like, seriously guys – put these in your recipe books. I will probably be making these every year. And I don’t even cook!

After Thanksgiving recipes-2023-X2

After Thanksgiving recipes-2073-X2

After Thanksgiving recipes-2083-X2

There is just something about food, and friends and family and good conversation – and being outdoors that just makes my heart happy and this shoot had all of that. It didn’t feel like a shoot for us. It felt like thanksgiving leftovers with friends on a wednesday afternoon. Celebrating life. And I hope that you can emulate that in your own home this next week. It’s way more fun that shopping black friday, cyber monday, or whatever it is these days – promise ;-)

After Thanksgiving recipes-2191-X2

After Thanksgiving recipes-2127-X2

To get the full recipes of everything you see here, be sure to head on over to Lauren Conrad’s Blog HERE for all the details =)

After Thanksgiving recipes-2383-X2

After Thanksgiving recipes-2338-X2

So you can host your own leftover dinner, here are a few places I found some of our pieces:

plates – World Market

gold serving ware, gold mason jars, copper flatware, & bowls – Target

Coffee provided by: Oak Glen Coffee (it’s the best, guys!)

I spray painted real apples gold – and with some, I carved out a space and placed a tea light – so easy!

After Thanksgiving recipes-2294-X2

Join the Team!

Yup, that’s right! I’ve decided to bring on a few more people to the team to help us expand! It’s a new, frightening, nerve-wrecking thing. But I’m excited. It means a lot of new changes are coming and I could not be more thrilled.

I’m looking for a couple of assistants who would be able to attend weddings primary on the weekends to serve as an extra set of hands on the day of. Experience in events would be helpful, but it’s not necessarily a requirement. If you have a good work ethic, great attitude, and can handle being on your feet for about 10 hours in a day – that’s about all you need! Also, a reliable form of transportation is a must. This IS a paid position – but I wouldn’t call it part time by any means. Right now, I typically have 2 weddings a month, 9 months out of the year. So very very part time. Weekend-time, if you will. But if you really excel, there is an opportunity to move to an associate position that would allow you to manage events on your own. So there is room for growth! I can’t wait to see how new additions can help the business expand and the new places it takes us. And I can’t wait to meet my staff! Is that weird? I haven’t met you yet, but I’m excited to meet you – whoever you are!


So here’s the deal – over the next couple weeks I’ll be accepting “applications”  – there are no real applications. I’d love for you to simply shoot me an email at along with why you’re interested in a position like this. And include a resume if you have one. From there, I’ll set up interviews so I can get to know each of you face to face. That’s it! If you’re a friend or industry peer out there, feel free to spread the word!


I’m going to officially close the application process December 12th  – so spread the word and if you want to be apart of the team – shoot me an email asap!


Some qualities that are essential to this position include:

hard worker/organized/great people skills/problem solving ability -at a moments notice/must love 1am Del Taco runs/

must be able to manage high stress/creative-out of the box thinker/skilled Photo Booth pose creator/lover of confetti