Real Wedding: Heather & Justin

Today’s love story is so so sweet. As you may remember from a few weeks ago, I’ve been wanting to share more of the stories from my couples than just, “this was their wedding I designed/coordinated.” ” Look how pretty they are.” The end. Haha  – not that there is anything wrong with that (and that sounds way more dramatic than it really is). I do hope, you find some visual inspiration on here. But at the same time, there is so much hate, violence, judgement, and evil out there in the world – I decided to share my couple’s unique and beautiful love stories along with their wedding photos to inspire those souls out there that just need to be reminded in the power of love.


Heather and Justin met pretty early on in life. Kindergarden to be exact! Can you believe that?! I sure couldn’t. Heather found her kindergarden class photo and it was displayed at their guest book table – so many guests didn’t know they had known each other that long, so it was super fun to see their surprise as they showed up for the ceremony. Now, I know what you’re thinking… these two “dated” since they were 5?! No, no… Heather and Justin didn’t start dating until after college. Talk about a long wait! But let me tell you, it was oh, so worth it. >>> Yes, that is a horse drawn carriage Heather took to her wedding vows. Swoon!



Heather has some amazing family members – and almost all of her extended family was involved in the ceremony in some capacity. Her aunt officiated. Her uncle and cousin were ushers. Another cousin was a bridesmaid. It was a total family affair and I think those are the best.




Handcrafted Apple butter favors to pay tribute to the venue that was tucked in the hills of Oak Glen (known for it’s amazing apple orchards)


Fast forward to 4 years of dating for these two. Justin takes Heather out to dinner for their anniversary. Pretty unassuming. Until she realizes they are at the same restaurant he took her on their 1 year anniversary. So sweet. Then, he takes her for a moonlight stroll through a park that just happens to be the same spot her asked her to be her girlfriend 4 long years ago. Even sweeter. That’s when things got real. She noticed there were rose petals all along the path. And then, up the way there was a table with a single red rose and the run and candles all in the sand in the shape of a heart with “Will You Marry Me?” in the middle. Oh, and that’s not all! There song was also playing in the background – just the perfect finishing touch! Justin – you big sweetheart!


These fabulous gold sparkle table numbers were handmade by me and are now available on my etsy shop!




Heather came to me with tons of ideas and hundreds of pins but needed some help bringing it all together and making one cohesive look that was beautiful but fun loving like them. These two were so great to work with. They had awesome ideas – but loved working outside of the box – which I love, naturally. The two wed at Serendipity Garden – which tends to have a more rustic vibe – but Heather wanted soft and romantic. To achieve this look, we nixed the burlap and table runners all together and opted for long dripping garlands with soft blush roses sweetly tucked in just peeking out. It was the perfect look on the long wooden tables and ivory wrapped chivarri chairs.








Logistically, the best part of the wedding was the A-list team of vendors Heather & Justin trusted me in bringing along. From florals to video – we had the whole day covered and it went so seamlessly! Having stellar vendors really does make a difference, friends =) And this venue! Such a gorgeous backdrop for a perfect wedding day.




Congrats again, Heather & Justin! You were a dream to work with and I know your marriage is one for the ages!

Design & Coordination: Tasteful Tatters // Venue: Serendipity Garden Weddings // Photography: Joe+Kathrina // Florals: Petal Floral // Invitation Suite: Laurenish Designs //

Bridesmaid Gifts That Do More Part 2


Yesterday I spoke out about Bridesmaid gifts and ways to do MORE with those gifts and how you can change someone’s life through the gift of sight – by simply purchasing a gift for your bridal party by partnering with TOMS. Seriously cool stuff. Even if sunglasses aren’t your thing, I hope it inspires you to simply do more with the money you are already spending on your wedding day. There are so many cool resources out there for you. After my post, the owner of The Blacksheep Bride reached out to me letting me know about their vast online resources for Brides looking to do just that! I just love social media and how it connects us all =) Be sure to check out their site for more inspiring ways to do more with your wedding beyond the actual day, and make a difference in the world.



With that being said, I would like to share ways that you can feel comfortable in your own skin on your wedding day AND do more with with your purchases. Are you the gal that wears her adorable specs on a daily basis? Are your glasses part of your own personal style? At the same time, do you feel like it’s impossible to wear glasses on your wedding day…because, well, no one does? That’s how I felt. I work in the industry for goodness sake and I NEVER saw brides rocking their signature frames on their wedding day. It just didn’t seem like the place to wear glasses. And to be honest (5 years ago) there wasn’t a great selection of great frames to actually wear on your wedding day that looked “wedding appropriate” – no wire frames here honey! But since my LAST POST



on this topic – so many cool, chic wedding style frames are popping up all over! And guess what? TOMS is one of them! They have such an amazing collection of frames that can be used for optical or sunglasses – perfect for your wedding day. How fun would it be to have you and your man, and your entire bridal party rocking frames (optical or sunnies) on your wedding day?! I think it would definitely make for some adorable photos!



So, if you wear glasses on the daily and that’s what you feel most comfortable in – why opt to go frameless on your wedding day? You should feel your most confident beautiful self on your wedding day and if that means wearing glasses – then you SHOULD! Be bold, be confident and don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it. Be the trendsetter. I promise you won’t forget it.





And in the spirit of being bold and doing more with our purchases, I thought it would be fun to do a little giveaway!! Knowing that not ALL my readers wear glasses, I decided to do a sunglasses giveaway (you shouldn’t be left out just because you have perfect vision – but know that I am eternally jealous of your genes!) One lucky reader will receive that adorable white (with lace inside) sunny to rock on their wedding day (pictured above)! If you are not a bride – you can enter for a friend/daughter/sister who is getting married. These are a $200 retail value! I will be picking the winner this Friday afternoon! Below are the RULES:

To enter: you must first like Andrew Gore O.D on Facebook (they were the ones that I purchased the TOMS from and who co-sponsored this Giveaway!). Next, you must like Tasteful Tatters on Facebook OR follow @TastefulTatters on Instagram. Then, come back here and leave a comment telling us what makes you feel the most comfortable, confident, most beautiful YOU and who you are entering for. If you retweet, re-post, or link back to the blog – you will be entered a 2nd time!!

** Some of you may be thinking… if the purchase on the frames is supposed to go to help someone in need – but these are just being given away … how does that work. Don’t worry! I purchased the TOMS for you guys, so the proceeds are still giving sight to someone!! #oneforone

Photography: Joe+Kathrina

MAU: Elegance By Alex

Bride & Groom models: Husband & Wife duo over at Maker & Meadow

Bridesmaids Gifts That Do More :: Part 1

Last month I had the coolest opportunity. I got to partner with TOMS and my local Optometrist, Dr Gore O.D. in Pasadena, CA. I offered my services in helping them plan a huge Anniversary event where they showcase their most popular optical brands with crazy sales, food, face painting, music, Photo Booth, etc. So fun, right? Well, we decided to take that one step further and highlight one of their newest brands, TOMS Eyewear. TOMS is not new. In fact, I’m sure most of you at one time or another stood in a line for 2 hours for an annual factory sale for TOMS shoes (you know who you are!) TOMS has this awesome one-for-one model where every pair of shoes purchased, another is donated to a child in need. And now, they have a similar model for eyesight. YES. I said eyesight. Every time TOMS eyewear is purchased, they give sight through a 15 min surgery for a child who cannot see. NOT only that, but they give free eye exams as well as glasses to those in need. Something so simple, yet so life changing to a young child. Now, I have terrible vision. I’ve been wearing glasses since 6th grade. I seriously don’t know how I could function without gaining my eyesight. I couldn’t own my business… I for sure couldn’t blog!


After working with the team at Dr. Gore’s office- I thought to myself. I wonder how many people know about this one-for-one model for eyewear?? Better yet… I wonder how many BRIDES know about it? Brides end up spending so much money on their big day.. and then it’s over. And yes, of course they are married now and that will be an adventure for the rest of their lives. And yes, they will forever have their wedding photos, and for some, their wedding video. But, how awesome would it be to know that one or a few of your purchases went much further than just your wedding day? It can literally change a person’s life.  I loved the idea. What if a bride took all her ladies sunglass shopping (they could all match, or they could all rock their unique style) for the big day. The new TOMS sunnies are their official Bridesmaid gift – but not only that – each one of those purchased will give sight to a child in need. SO COOL! And you can bet that your ladies will for sure be rocking their new shades again and again after the wedding day. Not as much can be said for their dress, I can guarantee that!





I get asked ALL the time by clients, “What should I get my bridal party for a gift?” or ” What do most people get their bridesmaids? A necklace to wear? All matching clutches?” And there is nothing wrong with any or all of these options. I would just like to open up the discussion of doing MORE with your obligatory “thank-you-so much-for-donating-so-much-time-and-energy-into-helping-me-pull-off-my-wedding” gift =)



So we put together a bride and her maids shopping for the perfect sunnies for the big day to show you just how fun the experience can be! I mean, we don’t really have to persuade ladies to shop, right? But this gives you a little insight to TOMS as a brand, and a peek into the killer inventory they offer! Sorry for only bringing up the ladies so far (habit) but you can also get your groomsmen some pretty sick frames as well. We brought some boys along (for the muscle, obvi) and they ended up having just as much fun as the girls trying on all the inventory.

Here’s this for an idea – take your entire bridal party out for an outing picking out their oh-so-not-traditional-yet-so-so-cool bridal party gifts and then have everyone go bowling or out to eat after so everyone can get to know each other before the big day??






I hope you feel inspired to do more with the money you are already spending on your big day. Or if your wedding has long since past (like me) maybe think of picking up a new pair of shades that will do so much more than protect your eyes in the sun and make you look super fly =) It’s so amazing the difference a pair of opticals or sunnies can do in a child’s life.

Be sure to stay tuned for Part 2 (and a giveaway!) tomorrow

**Note: for opticals, TOMS only sells with private optical doctor’s offices (no Costo, Lens Crafters, Wal-Mart, etc)  so if you’re local, be sure to check out Dr. Gore’s office in Pasadena for a huge selection of frames as well as sunglasses. Him and his team are seriously the BEST

Special thanks so my killer models who spent the whole day with us playing around and being silly in the crazy heat!


Photography: Joe+Kathrina // Hair & Makeup: Elegance By Alex

(TOMS did not solicit or pay me to write this post) I just love the concept so much I had to share

Real Wedding: Kate & Josh


Kate and Josh came to me pretty calm cool and collected about their wedding. They had a general plan, but needed some help with the loose ends and day of management. What intrigued me about this wedding was the uniqueness of their approach to the day. They didn’t find a “typical wedding” venue that suited their personalities. They are so laid back and just love spending quality time with friends and family (which makes sense, because their friends and fam are pretty much the coolest). So they put their thinking caps on and thought -why don’t we just rent out an epic house for the whole weekend and just get married there. Umm, can we sway genus?! So, they found the perfect estate in Pacific Palisades off Sunset on Rented the house for the whole weekend so all their loved ones can be with them the whole time. They lived together, ate dinner together, hung out on the gorgeous patio and talked for hours, oh, and celebrated their wedding all together. It was so perfect for these two and I was beyond thrilled to be apart of it with them. It was truly a whole family effort. And that dress?! Custom made for the bride. I die.









Coordination: Tasteful Tatters // Venue: Private Estate // Florals: Mother of the Groom // Photography: Vanessa Weber // DJ: Marion Hodges // Photo Booth: Instaglam Photo Booth // Caterer: Jennie Cooks // Wedding Cake : Lemonade


Floral Phone Cases + Society 6


Huge news friends! HUGE news! Many of you remember my pressed flower phone cases I gave a tutorial on HERE and sold for many months via my Etsy shop. And some of you purchased custom cases from me (thank you!). The trouble was, I was getting SO many orders (sometimes 20+ a day!) and the cases took about a week to make + the packaging took time. Then driving to the post office… it was just a long process. I loved it. But after awhile I felt more than a factory worker than a “designer.” And let’s not forget I actually have a full time job being a wedding planner! Then, came the issues…

-overtime the flowers were fading or changing colors due to the chemical reaction with the resin – but some didn’t – so it was totally unpredictable

-some cases broke during shipping – which was SO frustrating

– on custom orders, some people thought they wanted one thing.. and then they realized it after they received the case

– people wanted me to make android versions – which I tried and failed

– the list goes on and on.

So by this point, I was managing so many orders a day while also heading up my “customer service” department – pretty much monopolizing all my time. With all this being said – last month I decided to discontinue the cases and temporarily close my shop until further notice.

I’ve been racking my brain on how I continue to make super cool floral cases (since they were just so dang popular) but save me the headache of  the actual manufacturing of the product 30 times a day. I just didn’t see any solutions. As I was ready to give up, I had an idea. What if I photographed florals instead of pressing them! Enter, Society6. An amazing site that will handle all the actual manufacturing of my work. AMAZING!! And let me tell you, the quality of these cases are BEYOND the quality I was able to produce in my little home studio.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.10.48 AM

Now, I would like to introduce to you the new Tasteful Tatters Floral phone cases!! TaDAA! I’m so proud to share these with you all! I have 5 designs up for now and next month I’m going to launch 5 more =) But wait, there’s more! You can also purchase art prints, stationary cards, wall clocks & RUGS! Yes, pretty florals on a rug. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get much better than that! Go check out my new shop and I’d love to hear your thoughts!





Wall clock with a purple crown on it?! What the whaaa??


My Etsy shop is still up and running, but it’s main focus will be all the fabulous wedding related decor as it was before (Just in case you were wondering)