What to DIY at your Wedding & What to Leave to the Pros

It’s the most common question we get asked. What is worth the DIY effort, and what is not. Or rather, at the end of the planning process, brides comment on how they wished they had let go of some of the DIY to us or their florist, makeup artist, etc. It’s often a regret of many brides that we hear from our friends of friends.. you know the story. It’s such a tricky thing to maneuver, because we are all each blessed with different talents and skills, so who’s to say what you can do and what you can’t? But based on what we see all the time, here is our suggestions on what to definitely leave to the pros, and what is worth trying your hand at a DIY project here and there. Disclaimer: doing it DIY doesn’t NOT always make it less expensive! That’s a whole other post (lesson) in and of itself.

Leave it to the Pros:


Guys. Hire a coordinator. Doesn’t even have to be us. Trust us. A friend might be able to do it for free…. but you want someone’s full time attention to the details of your day. There are SO many. So many things can go wrong. Wouldn’t you want someone who does this every week handling everything behind the scenes so you (or family) don’t have to? Yeah, we thought so.



Even if you are great at floral design, this is not a project you want to take on days before your wedding. Unlike many DIY projects, florals are live plants. Meaning, you can’t purchase months out and work on them a little day by day. That alone is a huge reason why we say, leave it to the pros and keep your wedding week stress free! You will appreciate it after the fact, trust us.



Same with florals, you may have a total knack for makeup. You are the makeup guru for all your friends. However, on your wedding day, wouldn’t you rather take the opportunity to get dolled up by someone else so you can sip champs and chat with your ladies? It’s a whirlwind once you walk down the aisle and your time spent with them might be limited after this. It’s something you don’t realize until it’s over. Also, makeup artists are trained to make you look beautiful in your photos. You know what looks good face to face, but there are some different techniques that help you to not look washed out in your photos that for most, only the pros can accomplish. And your photos are the only tangible thing you get to take with you at the end of it all.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 3.56.25 PM


Okay, so your mom is a caterer. Or your aunts make food for ALL your family gatherings. We see the draw there for sure. However, do you really want your friends and family working like crazy days before to prep, and then on the day of? We think your family should be by your side, relaxing and enjoying the day just as much as you. They are the reason you are alive and here, after all, are we right?

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 3.58.11 PM

Take a Shot at DIY


Your favors can totally be something you make yourself. Avid coffee drinkers? You can fill 150 bags with your favorite espresso and add a cute little tag! Easy peasy. Invite your girlfriends over, have some wine, watch Sex & The City and you’ll have those bad boys finished in no time!


Paper Products

Want a cute sign by your guest book? Or for your entryway, or your bar? SO easy! There are so many free downloads on blogs and Pinterest, all it takes is a little research to find the ones that best fit you and download them and print them out at a Kinkos or OfficeMax. You can go even more DIY by spray painting the frame they are in, or making your own.

Ruffled - photo by Joe and Kathrina Photography http://ruffledblog.com/romantic-peach-wedding-at-la-arboretum


While not technically a “DIY” this is something you can totally buy yourself (depending on your venue rules) and just hire bar tenders to serve. It can save you tons because many places will let you return unused bottles!


Guest Book

With places like Etsy and Pinterest, even the least crafty person can create a unique and personal guest book – just takes a little research and maybe some extra hands from your crafty friends!



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