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It’s the week of your wedding, or 2 weeks, or month! And you’re feeling the stress creep in. We get it. So we came up with this SUPER easy DIY to get your creative juices flowin’ as well as a fun way to pamper yourself and de-stress a bit. These grapefruit poppyseed soaps are great for exfoliating those feetsies and elbows when your in need of a bubble bath. Can I get an amen?!

{SUPPLIES} Poppyseeds, soap molds (any kind will do, the one I used isĀ HERE), Grapefruit Essential Oils ( I use YoungLiving, feel free to contact me if you have specific EO questions!), goats milk soap base (the one I used HERE), a glass bowl, and a spatula or spoon for stirring


Step 1: Break up your soap base into small squares and melt in a microwave or a double broiler. If using a microwave, heat the soap up in 20-30sec increments and stir intermittently so it doesn’t burn.


Step 2: once your base is completely melted, add in your oils! I used grapefruit for this because it’s finally Spring and I LOVE the smell, but you can use lemon, bergamot, Stress Away, lavender, anything you like! I would also be careful of oils from the grocery story that aren’t 100% pure. This is going on your skin after all! I do about 10-15 drops per bath of 6 soaps. And stir it up


Step 3: Add your poppyseeds! These are natural exfoliants and great for those tough skin spots. I originally added them in and mixed them up in the soap mixture, but it would also be fun to add them later once your mixture is in the molds and then you have one side full of seeds so one side is for soap and the other is for exfoliating – just an idea!


Step 4: Pour your mixture. Pour slowly, but the mixture will already begin to dry, so don’t go suuuper slow. Make sure your molds are on a completely flat service and in a place where they can stay for a couple hours. Moving the mold when they aren’t firm is a total nightmare!


I usually let mine sit for a couple hours, then they pop out pretty easily! They could sit overnight as well.

** Also, these would make great gifts for your bridesmaids!! Just sayin’

All the gorgeous photos by: Becca Rillo Photography

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