Holiday Rum Remix Cocktails

It’s that time of year again! My favorite time, really. Your tree is up, the garland is hung, your wreath is adorned with a big red bow. It’s the holidays. And when it’s the holidays… there are holiday parties. And when there are parties… there are cocktails. And I’m where the cocktails are at! Truth is, I’m usually at home… making my cocktails, but that’s another story!

As per usual, I teamed up with the amazing Corey of MissFoodieProblems to bring you guys… drumroll please…. not one… not three… but FIVE brand spankin’ new holiday cocktails!! I know, I went a little crazy. What can I say? I was inspired!

If you’ve been following along for any length of time, you know I’ve been whipping these bad boys up for years now.. but this year I was determined to do something different. After a chance meeting with a friend and some delightful conversation about the joys of cocktail recipe making, I was encouraged and inspired to do a whole series featuring a libation that I literally know nothing about and rarely drink. (talk about forcing me to think outside of the box) RUM! That’s right… Captain Jack Sparrow style. We whipped up some pretty inventive (and delicious) drinks that are sure to have your friends asking for more at your next holiday party. Or just for you and your boo and a little Netflix and chill ;-)

Lés Incompeténts

1/2 ripe pear peeled and chopped – muddle and then for garnish
1 tbsp honey
2 clementines squeezed
1 tsp vanilla extract
1.5oz white rum
1 tps thyme simple syrup
a couple sprigs of thyme for garnish
top off with champagne
Mix all and add ice and garnish
*suggestion – mix drink and let sit for a few hours before serving for fruits to open up flavor

We were so lucky to have Joe+Kathrina photographing and taste testing all these drinks with us and they are the genius’ behind all the names… we were sampling drinks, playing with props, laughing and joking around with Home Alone quotes, and well… you’re welcome. I don’t know if I’ve ever had more fun naming a cocktail – ever!

Buzz’s Girlfriend

Need a little extra buzz in your drink? Look no further!
3oz aged rum
4oz cold brew
1/2 shot sweet vermouth
1/2 shot chai creme liqueur
3-5 dashes of chocolate bitters
Stir gently all together and serve with ice

Thirsty for More

1 bottle white wine (moscato for sweeter / pino or sauvignon blanc for less sweet)
1 bottle champagne
1 cup white rum
1.5 cup apple cider – we used spiced apple cider but either will work
2 bottle ginger beer (or 1 of the larger Trader Joe’s bottles)
2 apples – chopped
1 pear chopped
 Pour everything (except the champagne) in a pitcher and let chill overnight before serving
Add champagne just before serving
(serves 4)

Keep The Change Ya Filthy Animal
our take on the classic Milk Punch from Faith & Flower
4oz spiced rum
4oz apple cider
2 pinches of Chinese 5 spice
bottle of pear cider
Mix everything and be sure to whisk or really stir in the spice
lemon peel – for rim and then in drink
garnish with cinnamon stick
(serves 2)

The lemon peel is a MUST. Honestly, the sour citrus of the lemon mixed with the rum and chinese spice are probably my new favorite combo of all time!

This next one was an obvious starting point for me, because this whiskey girl needed to have an old fashioned recipe in this roundup. The surprising thing was how great it turned out! There is something about the pairing of rum with grapefruit that was just delightful! And might be my new go-to this holiday season!

Say Goodnight Kevin

2 oz spiced rum
1/4 grapefruit squeezed
dash of simple syrup
3-5 dashes of old fashioned bitters
rub grapefruit peel over rim and garnish with cinnamon stick
*optional – add a 1/2 shot of brandy

I hope you guys try these out and love them as much as I do! We made a couple that will serve more than one so you are all set for your next holiday party!! And be sure to let us know what you think if you try them – tag us and let us know how they turned out ;-)

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