You’re Married. What now?


As event designers and coordinators, we know how all consuming planning a wedding can be for a couple. You have to pick out your venue, caterer, DJ, flowers, chairs, cake, and countless other details. That alone with take up most of your thoughts. But there are other important details, that are not wedding specific, to make a priority so that when the wedding day comes and goes you have a stable foundation to start your marriage off on the right track.

We want our couples to thrive in their new married lives, so we asked ourselves the question, “What important things do newlyweds need to make to prepare themselves for their life together?” Based on that, we compiled a list of decisions to make or have in place for after your big day.

-Marriage License

-Name Change

-Where will you live?

-Mortgage Decisions

-Joint Bank accounts and money sharing protocols and savings

-Splitting up daily responsibilities

-Combining two lives and different schedules into one

-Life Insurance


In todays market, finding a good healthcare provider for you and your new spouse can be overwhelming. One of our favs is  brought to us by Oscar.  Oscar Insurance wants to make your decision much easier. They are a new company focused on incorporating technology into the healthcare experience. They realized that the industry was broken, so they’re on a mission to fix it. They concentrate on making healthcare more manageable by providing their members with online tools to keep track of their health 24/7, including their mobile app and easier access to doctors with their Doctor on Call service! Better care starts with technology.

“Oscar has the new‑era tech pedigree to become the Spotify, Airbnb or Uber of health insurance.” -The New York Times

Visit their website for more information about Oscar Insurance and to sign up today.


*This is a sponsored post from Tasteful Tatters on behalf of Oscar Insurance

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