Your Bestie Got Engaged, Now What?

We’ve all been there. You get the text or the phone call, with squeals of excitement. Your best friend is officially an engaged woman. And regardless if you’re in the bridal party or not. You’re the bestie and you want to get her something special. Something practical, yet so so chic and cool.. and something that just makes your bestie swoon with happiness because “you know her so well.”

1. Bride Tea Cup           2. Count down Calendar      3. Mr. and Mrs. Glasses

Brides_gifts 2

4. Reasons Notebook                                          5. Mrs T-Shirt


6. Cutest Pun and Tote bag


7. Custom Cutout Letter Vase

These are our fave out there lately! Did you receive the best gift ever? Leave us a comment and share the wealth to all the BFF’s out there!


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