Why you should hire a Wedding Planner

ten reasons to hire a 




Wedding planners allow you to still have a life while planning for your big day. They are there to do the heavy lifting for you so it remains, hopefully, an enjoyable process for you.


A wedding planner has done this a time or two and can save you money by helping to avoid costly mistakes.


They have built relationships with vendors and can help to negotiate with them on your behalf.


A wedding planner will know the best vendors in the industry and know who to go to to help you achieve your dream wedding!


They become the go-to person at the wedding and field the questions and concerns for you, so you don’t have to be bombarded.


They will keep your wedding day events and bridal party on schedule.


If your guests have any problems, the wedding planner is there to keep them happy.


A good wedding planner will have all the details figured out so the end of the night goes smoothly and everything that was brought in, is sent home with the right people.


Wedding planners are fabulous at helping you to bring your vision for your wedding to life.


You only get to live your wedding day one time, so why not let a pro help you through it so you can stay on schedule and enjoy every moment!

Happy Planning :)

But don’t take it from us – here is what a few former brides had to say on the matter:

“The resources and venue experience that a wedding coordinator has goes way beyond internet searches and Yelp reviews. The networking,  wedding planning process (staying on a timeline),  and day of experience of the coordinator are all things that made the entire wedding process enjoyable. This was important with our venue (Rancho Camulos) because we had to bring in all of our vendors. I can’t tell you how many of my friends disliked the whole wedding planning process…  And I’m over here like “really? I totally miss it. ” If I could convince my husband and parents to do it all over again I would in a heartbeat. It was seriously my most favorite day and it’s all because of how fun and stress free the entire process was. I mean…  The freaking sprinklers went on the morning of and got the dance floor,  tables,  tent,  etc wet…  And I had absolutely no idea until way after the fact… Everything was handled without me needing to know and worry and freak out. ” – Jill. K

“You can’t be in more than one place at one time.   Before the guests arrived, I needed to be in hair and makeup and then do family photos – all at the same time as multiple vendors arrived.  Without a team of coordinators, how would I have checked in all the rentals like furniture and dishes, catering, flowers and the alpacas?  It was helpful to have someone else check in all the goods to make sure we weren’t missing crucial items or dishes that we were paying for.   It required more than just me to make sure the vendors knew exactly where to drop off rentals and set up.  Additionally, the coordinator set up a polaroid guest book station, a decorated dessert station, and installed a small wedding cake with a very delicate cake topper.  All of that could not have happened without some dedicated help.” – Mye H.

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