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Hey there friends! I am SOO excited to share this next installment of Tasteful Wellness with you all. Today’s interview is with Jasmyn Alana and fun fact – I went to high school and played soccer with Jasmyn waaaaay back when! It has been so fun to watch her journey post high school from afar and I am beyond impressed with the business and mindset she has created for herself, her family and her clients. I just KNEW she would be such a great person to share wisdom to you all on wellness! I hope you enjoy her interview as well as her FREEBIE at the end!!

Can I just first say how excited I am that we are finally doing this?!?! YAY!!! So, to get everyone up to speed, can you just tell us all what it is exactly that you DO?

Hey Emilee, first off, thanks so much for creating this platform to connect your readers to so many amazing professionals. This is always such a big question for me and one I often find myself revisiting as my passions + modalities evolve. I am a retired nurse turned yoga therapist, Reiki II practitioner, intuitive bodyworker, Ayurveda enthusiast, lover of the moon, seasons + cycles. I am also a mama bear to 3 amazing kiddos. I do my best to raise them as authentically as possible. Tuning into my heart for guidance. I thank God everyday that I get to be their mom!

So what do I do everyday? I teach weekly group yoga classes, host monthly events with topics like “cycle syncing,” “plant therapy,”  “practice.habit.ritual,” and “essential oils”. This year I am also looking forward to leading global retreats.

I work closely with clients sharing  1×1 yoga therapeutics in home, as well as at Behind the Lids Healing Collective in Costa Mesa Ca. Yoga therapy is a practice that allows me to meet each individual exactly where they are, here and now. We work together closely to create a program which helps get them closer to their goals. Some clients are seeking more physical mobility and body awareness. While others are healing, dealing with chronic pain, illness or injuries. I also REALLY enjoy working with new moms seeking guidance during + after pregnancy. My journey and education are ever evolving. The curiosity is infinite  + ever flowing. All good signs I am living authentically to my life purpose!
How do you get that onto a business card?

You do A LOT! I love it! PLUS being a MOM – How do you manage it all??

Are you asking me to give you all my secrets (LOL)
The 3 MVPs of my tool box when it comes to balancing work + social  flow, home life, kids schedules + me time

1.) Cycle Syncing: Honestly it’s always an EBB + FLOW, somedays I feel like a can move mountains, checking off all the boxes of my “get to-do list.” Other days I can barely get out of bed and use school time as a netflix + nap session. But when I tune in to “why” that happens, and check what’s going on with the lunar cycles, my own personal menstrual cycle, and the astrological forecast it typically supports my current physical, mental + emotional state pretty accurately.
Simplest way to “check in” is to go outside at night, look up at the BIG INFINITE SKY and observe what phase the moon is in + learn what that means and how it may be affecting your mood + emotions.

2.) Morning Ritual /To be 100% honest with you this is typically a non- negotiable for me. But I am human, therefore NOT PERFECT. My morning practice has a tendency to slip away from me from time to time especially when I get “busy”, “need more sleep”, or if I am “away from home”. Which ironically are probably the times I need a morning practice most.
Your morning practice should be accomplishable, meaning it doesn’t have to be 2 hours a day. I am all about keeping it simple, authentic, and nourishing. So what does my morning practice look like? My
Morning Ritual has a modern ayurvedic approach. I wake up and head straight for the bathroom, toilet usually. I scrape my tongue + brush my teeth. I go to the kitchen and warm up some water, grab my jade roller out of the freezer and use it on my face + neck for stimulation + lymphatic drainage. I add the hot water to some ACV (apple cider vinegar) + lemon and bring it to my alter and sacred space set up in my room. I typically sip my warm water, write out my gratitude list, enjoy breath work, and move my neck, shoulders + spine. I say a prayer and connect to source, the divine creator! Takes about 20 minutes each morning.
I also never leave the house without h20, and adaptogenic beverage (usually coffee) and a dropper full of CBD!

3.) Community: If I am  being really real, It doesn’t matter how aligned I am feeling if I didn’t have the support of some really special people in my life – it may all look very different. My mom is an angle in real time + is always there when I need her. The kid’s dads are involved also. The weekends they spend there allow me to really RESET, ground + miss them! I work at an amazing Healing Den which allows me to bring my kids to work WHENEVER needed! I also have a great group of women + families who are always offering up support, love and encouragement!

I LOVE that. I need to start adding some of those my my morning ritual! Okay, so tell us a little bit about your journey to get to where you are today?

My journey wasn’t an easy one. I struggled with self love, body image stuff, eating disorders, substance abuse (alcohol + “party drugs”) from the age of 14. It all steamed from never truly feeling seen, loved or supported. I was raised by my mother who was such a strong amazing woman + did everything it took to raise me and my older brother.  I always knew I was supported and all my needs (+ MORE ) were met. As a baby empath  I always felt this energetic of survival + guilt coming from her strong exterior.

Ancestral healing has really helped to soften my heart around things I was lacking as a child. I have used that “lack” mentality and alchemized it into unconditional love. Those I met in school + sports (your family included Em, “Thanks coach Suds for all the carpool support.”)   really helped to keep me feeling understood, seen + passionate. It wasn’t until after I graduated HS when I realized I never really had a plan for what my life looked like professionally. I first attended cosmetology school, enjoyed it, but didn’t LOVE being around so many chemicals every single day. When I was 20 I got pregnant with my first born Kingston! He was The best thing that happened in my life and truly showed me what LOVE was. Being a young mom I knew I needed tools to help me manage all the responsibilities that came with it. I found my way into my first ever yoga class. It took a few classes until I found a teacher who I connected with. I began practicing as often as I could. I have ALWAYS been fascinated with the human body + knew I need a career that would support my family + offer me a space to serve and help others. I enrolled into nursing school through a private program and started a new job that allowed me to work after school. It was tough and I am forever grateful for my mom and her endless support. For that – her and kingston will always had such a special bond.

Graduation + passing my NCLEX  have been some of my proudest moments I will never forget how proud tiny Kingston was seeing me in a cap + gown!
I think I knew in nursing school this wasn’t the end goal, rather a stepping stone and opportunity to absorb knowledge and insight. 
I found my way into a yoga teacher training in 2013 when Khloe started physical + occupational therapy. Khloe + Teagan (koko + Tea) are my surprise twins. The journey of pregnancy + twin to twin transfusion is an entire interview on its own. Khloe was born was Cerebral Palsy + diagnosed at 12 months. After a few sessions of PT and a recent move to Orange County where yoga training is very accessible. I asked a teacher who I practiced with for a recommendation. The next day I went to the studio. There YTT program was beginning that SAME weekend. I did what T do best and impulsively said yes! I then basically DOVE into my life COMPLETELY
shifting me, for the better! I left a toxic relationship + dug deep for inner strength. I tapped into my lower chakras created a new normal, learned who I was, and who I WASN’T. I nourished creativity, gained clarity on my soul’s purpose + my personal passions. I learned how to show up + serve. Made space to connect + heal. I completed (2) 200hr YTT attended a 2 year Yoga Therapy program at LMU. Became a certified Intuitive Reiki II practitioner. I have taught thousands of power yoga classes but realized that it was a starting point to find my voice = my message. I now use breathe, movement, meditation, touch + nourishment an everyday practice. Sharing these tools with others has allowed me to  created a thriving private practice.  I had to do all that work personally. This work was physical , mental, emotional + spiritual practices! And because of that I have a STRONG FOUNDATION to hold space + offer tools that are working for myself + for others!

The  healing journey is endless as our human being-ness is VERY COMPLEX full of emotions, triggers, and ailments! I mentioned having a strong foundation but that doesn’t mean the work stops. I currently find myself healing a dense heart full to create space for partnership, speaking my truth + sharing my medicine with MORE people,  and living a life in the 5th dimension. I hope you join me for the journey. I would love to meet you where YOU are and guide you to where YOU want to be!

Wow – what an incredible story! You have come so far from those HS days! I feel like a lot of women can resonate with your story. How was the shift from a more modern western medicine background to what you do now? Was it a seamless transition or was there a big shift in thought you had to adjust to?

To be honest, it was quite seamless + intuitive. I think in nursing school I craved the information I was receiving studying yoga + Ayurveda. Western medicine is advanced and amazing. Doctors are so talented at life saving surgeries + interventions! However that is not “everyday healthcare” When it comes to optimal wellness, supporting everyday ailments and lifestyles, Eastern practices are what we continue to come back too!

If anything I feel my studies in nursing give me leverage as a yoga therapist + intuitive bodyworker. Understanding medical talk, a person’s injury or illness, medications + contraindication is really important. I do my best to translate what is really happening in our bodies and using my “tool belt” of modalities to offer sustainable everyday solutions to clients + their families.

I love that! That actually makes so much sense. Talk to us a little bit about your wedding yoga program? How it started and what it looks like for your clients?

I organically evolved into a vendor in the bridal + wedding scene! Offering Wedding Morning Wellness events for brides and their bridal party. 
Over the past 4 years I feel like I attended more weddings than ever, guess that is just what happens between 28-32 ;) I started offering yoga to my friends on the morning of their wedding as a fun activity to release any stress, open up our hearts, minds + bodies. If you have ever been in a wedding you know that the entire morning is spent getting picture perfect for a day you have been dreaming about your whole life. However before its “your turn” to get dolled up you are often times sitting around socializing and letting the champagne FLOW! One particular wedding I was at our bride woke up with a stiff neck, so I gave her some touch therapy (massage) I then offered up massages to her mom, mother in law + a few of the girls! One of the girls who was there was getting married a few months later and asked if she could hire me to offer yoga + massages to her bridal party as their “wedding day gift.”
Wedding Morning Wellness was born!
I knew I was on the right path when a few months later when I organically met the owner of Design Visage a bridal hair + makeup up company. She loved the services I was offering and hired me for their company retreat. I have shared these services at their “yearly company retreat” ever since. The owner then referred me to a few other OC event planning companies who have also been SO SUPPORTIVE.
Wedding Morning Wellness events are typically
 5 hours and seamlessly flow into the morning of your wedding. Before hair + make-up begin, we start with a 60 minute *all levels yoga flow to ground, connect + create an intentional morning. As the ladies transition into hair and make up, I offer 20 minute massages for each lady. Massages help eliminate any awkward downtime + leave the ladies glowing + refreshed! It makes such a great gift for both the bride + her bridal party

I seriously LOVE that. As a wedding planner – I cannot tell you how vital this can be for the morning of a wedding. GAME CHANGER!

I hope you guys liked my interview with Jasmyn! Her and I worked hard to put together an immensely valuable PDF Freebie for you all. Jasmyn created this content specifically for Wedding Day Transitions and I love her tips for a smooth and stress free wedding experience – so be sure to download that or save and pass on to a friend who’s prepping for their wedding day!


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