Wedding Registry Know How


We want to give you some tips on how to maximize your wedding registry to actually get gifts that you’ll love and use.

Register early and often. Have some items on your registry by the time you send out your save-the-dates because at least 1 person will want to run out and get you a gift the second they see that. But don’t try to complete your whole list on the first go, you can add things as you find them and sometimes even after the big day.


Start by trying to plan for one gift per guest. One couple may only bring one gift, while some family members might snatch up a couple items. So it will all even out. If you are having a shower, add another item per person invited to each event.


Don’t exceed more than 5 stores or it will be too overwhelming. Be sure to include atleast one mainstream choice with multiple physical locations ¬†as well as an online presence. (Williams-Sonoma, Bloomingdales’s or Target are all great examples.)

Your list says not only who you are, but also who you inspire to be. Ask yourself what you would love for your new married life but maybe can’t afford or would never by for yourself. Maybe your in a shoebox now but don’t let that distract from dinner party dreams and that serving platter you’ve always wanted.


Get what you actually want. There’s no rule about what you have to put on your registry. If you’d rather be camping, go for some out do stuff from R.E.I. Or maybe you’d rather register for cash to put towards an unforgettable honeymoon or that dream house down payment.

Try not to let costs drive your decisions. If you have expensive taste own it. Y0ur guests might join forces if they know it’s something you really want. But yes it is important to include a variety of price points to be courteous to your guests. There are some really awesome under $20 items out there.


You can’t put a price on friendship or family. Know you have some loved ones in hard times, but still want to contribute? Invite them to help you address envelopes or pass around the guest book. It’s important to send thank you cards for these gifts too, they are just as special.

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