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Newly engaged or amidst wedding planning? Congratulations! While the road to marital bliss is exciting, it can often be stressful at times. From choosing a date to choosing a DJ, a lot of important tasks can get lost in the shuffle of planning.

To help you prepare for the perfect wedding and stay on track for your big day, Zola has created an in-depth 12+ month wedding planning timeline that covers everything from hiring vendors to post-wedding to-dos. They even include a printable checklist for you to use in your home, office or daily planner.  Enjoy!

So even if you haven’t hired a planner yet – or not sure if are going to hire one at all. This timeline can be extremely helpful for those first steps in mapping out what these next few months of planning will look like and help keep you on track.
Breaking things up is insanely helpful, because pretty much after the day you get engaged… the mental lists of things you “have to do” will start piling up and your friends will start asking you a million questions that you do not have the answers yet and sooner or later, you’ll get so overwhelmed, you won’t do anything haha
I see it all the time. Couples email me and have been engaged for MONTHS. I ask them where they are at and they said they were so overwhelmed they didn’t do anything at all. Which is totally fine. But, just to emphasize… break everything down and it will never feel like too much!
Happy planning friends!!!

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