Wedding Planning During Covid-19

What a crazy time to be alive. Better yet, what a time to be planning a wedding! Every phone call I have with my clients is filled with concern, uncertainty, and more questions than answers. In some ways it feels like the world has come to a halt. And in others, it feels like weeks are passing by and we are just left treading water. If any of that feels familiar -I feel for you couples!

I’m apart of a wedding planner group started by Margaux of Harmony Creative as a sort of support system for local planners on how to handle this whole pandemic, as well as a place to share info, advice, and just listen. It has been such a great resource during this time. Margaux came up with a brilliant idea to create some sort of document to guide couples on how to take advantage of this “time off” and still feel productive in the wedding planning process – even if they have postponed, or they can’t do the things they were supposed to. i.e. food tastings, dress fittings, etc. I was so inspired by Margaux’s idea, I decided to make my own version and share with my clients. I got such great feedback, I decided to share here too! We’re all in this together, right??

My goal is to help couples stay positive during a time of so many questions and to be quite honest… so many couples feel like they are just getting beaten down by this whole pandemic and I wanted to provide something that made them feel like not ALL was lost. If that makes sense.

Whether your wedding was postponed to this Fall or next year entirely, this checklist is designed to help you do what you CAN do now, so that when things do open up and you get closer to your new date, you won’t feel so behind or scrambling. And my best advice, as always, if you don’t have a planner yet – hire one! They can help you SOOO much- especially during a time like this! Download your own printable copy of my Quarantine Wedding Planning Checklist HERE

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