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Happy Friday friends! Today we want to talk about making your wedding personal and you without endless DIY projects. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a huge DIY-er and superfan. But I recognize that it’s not for everyone. And to be perfectly honest, it’s not always the most affordable route. Often, a DIY project will cost just as much if not more than just renting/purchasing – not to mention the time spent. Shocker, I know.  So today, I  wanted to take a moment to share some fun details and images from one of our favorite rental companies in the area: Archive Antique Rentals!! These guys know their stuff and their inventory is the bees knees. I  mean… just scroll through some of this gorgeousness.



pinkandblueWhat we love about specialty rentals, is they allow you to bring a bit more of your personality and personal style into your big day. There are standard rentals that are of course necessary. But if you’re in the planning stages and you’re finding yourself searching for ways to make your day more YOU – slaving away over crafted items might not be the route for you (that is totally fun and works for some!) but you don’t have to be a master DIY-er to achieve a completely unique and breathtaking event. Quite the opposite, actually. Archive provides many pieces to achieve so many different looks for a wedding.  From rustic event ideas to modern wedding ideas – they have it all, for each personality. You can bring in specialty linens or glassware to create a complete table-scape or you can bring in their farmhouse tables to completely change the look and feel of your reception space. Or do both! I mean, just take a look at how these spaces are transformed with the use of Archive’s gorgeous rentals. Gushing, am I right?



Don’t get stuck in past trends: I love that in weddings today, having a farm table doesn’t mean you are having a “rustic” wedding. I think many hear “farmhouse tables” and think cowboy boots and sunflowers. That is SO not the case. There are many different options to dressing a wooden table, you’re not locked into two different wedding styles. There is freedom to make something completely different. With Archive’s expansive inventory, you can do just that.  Tables aren’t really your thing? Don’t worry! I have had inventory crushes on basically ALL of their chairs. Specifically their rose gold metal chairs, and their gorgeous wicker rattan chairs (featured below). Such an easy way to add special touches to your wedding. Best part is, they have 2 locations in California (as well as in Mexico!). And as always, having a coordinator working alongside you to help bring your wedding day look together and cohesive is something we always recommend!

purpleHappy planning friends!


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