Unicorn Bridal Shower Bash

Ever since I dyed my hair purple for my 30th, I’ve been on this unicorn kick. So much so, that’s it’s become contagious. My lovely assistant caught the unicorn bug and dyed her hair pink. And that’s when the obsession took hold. We started dreaming up a party that involved the unicorn theme… but we really didn’t want something that felt like a little girls 7th bday party, ya know the vibe. Not too little girl… but just enough sparkle to make anyone relive their Lisa Frank days haha. Turns out that is a fine line. The result was the ultimate Unicorn Bridal Shower Brunch; filled with sophisticated mimosas, desserts that sparkle and a full on candy filled cake. Because… cake is always a good idea. We teamed up with some amazing vendors to pull this off, so be sure to scroll through to the end to check them out!

First off.. the mimosa! You guys. This may be my favorite cocktail ever. I know I know, I say this every time. But seriously. This one is the bomb. So here’s the recipe, because I know you’re dying to try it for Sunday Brunch this weekend.

This makes a pitcher. Squeeze 3-4 wedges of a grapefruit (so about half of a whole grapefruit). Muddle 5-6 sprigs of rosemary. Top off with 3 bottles of champagne. Let sit in the fridge for about an hour. Serve and enjoy! It’s the perfect mix of sweet and savory with some bubbles.

Unicorn Toast!!!! You guys. This stuff is so much fun to make. I found the concept on Instagram literally from the hashtag #unicorntoast. It’s incredible. Really. We made our unicorn version with regular cream cheese, strawberry cream cheese, and sprinkles. LOTS of sprinkles and glitter. You can find edible glitter on Etsy and at Michaels!

We also served cotton candy mimosas. Which is basically a bit of cotton candy dissolved into a glass of champagne. It’s definitely a cocktail for those that like something a bit sweeter. The best part about this one is the sparkles on the actual glass. I hate DIY’s that don’t let you actually use the product. Like dipping a glass in glitter is pretty and all… but not super practical for actual use. For this, I sprayed an adhesive to the bottom of the wine glass base, dipped in glitter, and then used spray glaze to seal in the glitter and making it safe to wash. So the glitter is all on the bottom showing through. Literally no mess when you actually use them!

Okay, so these florals! Can we talk about these for a sec?! Chloe from Bloom & Beam Floral Co really brought the big guns on this one. She created the ultimate floral waterfall that encapsulates the unicorn vibe in such an elegant and sophisticated way – I am just blown away. You’ll see more if you keep scrolling, it’s so yummy! Keep an eye out on this girl and all the pretty she has been creating lately. She does weddings too!

Hostess Tip: Send your guests home with a mini champagne bottle! Such a sweet thank you for attending,  and keeps the party going even after the event. Also, see that adorable Floaty drink holder? These bad boys serve as great table decor outside of the pool – they also make a great party favor that your guests will swoon over!

Oh, did I mention puppies were involved? Yeah. I know. Too much cute going on.

Design, DIY’s, & Cocktails: Tasteful Tatters // Florals: Bloom & Beam Floral Co. // Photography: Camarie McBride // Vintage Rentals: Circa Vintage Rentals // Clear Chairs: Oaktree Wedding Rentals // Candy: Sugarfina // Unicorn Floats: Floaty // Unicorn Pins: Hipster Pins // Laser Cut Signage: Dear Heart Signs // Calligraphy: Jenni Murphy // Chokers: The Veiled Beauty 

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