The Groom’s Guide by The Black Tux

Calling all gentlemen! This is for all the grooms out there. And since I know it’s mostly ladies out there reading this… Brides. Bookmark this and save for your hubby to be. Our friends at The Black Tux have put together something really special. The ultimate wedding planning guide FOR grooms. You heard that right. It’s catchy, well written, references to burritos… you name it. It has everything to help a groom stay informed and on top of everything during the wedding planning process. So as they say… welcome to Groomdom! Here are some of my favorite aspects of their guide:

This guide is so interactive and informative. I believe every groom (and couple, for that matter) should read through it! The colors and the topics were definitely written with a groom in mind, but that is part of the charm. And coming from a wedding planner… it’s incredible informative and ACCURATE. I see a lot of “wedding planning tips” and “how to plan a wedding in (enter amount of months here) months” or charts and sample timelines… and the reality is, a lot of them or not totally true. I’ve had brides in tears calling me about something that went wrong, because they followed some chart on some blog somewhere. And I’m here to say this one is so so true. Like their tips on having an opinion (see above) and this “Should you DIY or not” chart is so INSANELY good.

And how about this rad chart on how to write you own wedding vows?! They literally break it up for you in sections and prompts that make it so easy and not daunting at all. Follow this and your guests will be so impressed! I would recommend the bride and groom BOTH follow this, so your vows mirror each other and flow smoothly when you both read them outloud.

Their tips on bar service and whether to have an open bar are spot on, and the copy is just downright witty… so don’t worry, it’s not a bore to read! They have tips on popular wedding songs, and ways to choose the perfect first dance song. They even sections on how to manage the seating chart, tips for the parent dances, a groomsmen guide, and of course… a groom’s style guide! There are so many fun tabs and charts, it’s incredible! And if you’re more of a hands on – like to hold things in print, you can get your very own copy of the guide on Amazon HERE – I cannot recommend this guide enough.

And my personal favorite tidbit of advice:

Because let’s face it… it’s true!

Thanks Black Tux for a stunning new feature!


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