The Easiest Cake Recipe You’ve Ever Tried!

It’s my birthday today, so I thought what better way to celebrate than with a gorgeous (and easy!) cake recipe for you all! Today’s post comes from our newest contributor – Chloe from Bloom & Beam Floral Co. This cake is for real delish guys – I hope you try it out!

When it comes to the world of baking, there’s nothing more classic than a well crafted cake. And truthfully, we’ve had our eyes set on naked cakes for quite awhile now. The raw edges and defined layers portrays a perfectly undone feel, that obviously leaves us drooling. Apart from looks, baking a delicious cake starts with intentional ingredients and boy oh boy do we have one of best kept secrets up our sleeve !

The perfect cake begins with the perfect batter. But who has the time to start from scratch….not us! Baking something scrumptious doesn’t have to be so complicated or time consuming and we’re thrilled we stumbled upon this little secret. BOXED CAKE… now before all the bakers run for the hills, hear us out! The usual dreadfully obvious taste of boxed cake is no match for our two ingredient swap! It’s that easy friends… so all you do is replace the oil for butter and replace the water with buttermilk.

The end product is a light and fluffy cake with a taste similar to strawberry shortcake!!! What’s not to love about that . We topped our bare beauty with caramel and some fresh blooms of course! Bon appetit!

It’s THAT easy guys. A boxed vanilla cake with just 2 ingredients swapped in. If you’re like me, and not really up for baking from scratch, then this recipe is sure to wow your friends. They will not believe it came from a box!


  1. How much butter do you use? Like, how many tablespoons?

    • Hey Haley! So you just would still follow the instructions for the amounts. So whatever tablespoons the box calls for for oil, do the same with the butter. Does that help?

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