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Menswear is hard guys. Maybe it’s just because I’m a woman… but if you’re a dude, I feel like sometimes dress code is more difficult for you… just me? Okay.

With holiday parties filling your calendar and save the dates & wedding invites flooding your mailboxes, it’s time to start figuring out what you’re going to wear. Whether you’re a gal or a dapper dude, you’ve got to have a gameplan… as well as know what those “attire terms” actually mean! Thanks to our friends over at The Black Tux, they’ve put together a super simple chart to help you understand what it is the host or couple is expecting of you.


It’s not just on the guests to know these terms, if you’re planning an event – you should know these as well.

Figure out what sort of attire you want your guests’ in based on the style of your event. Is your wedding at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills or the Montage in Laguna Beach? Then, you definitely should put black tie on your invites. If you don’t want people dressing casual – it’s up to you to let them know! Don’t leave them hanging! Similarly, if you’re having a beach wedding on the sand, make sure you let them know it’s more casual. I always like to recommend my brides let the ladies what sort of terrain they will be walking on as well. If you’re getting married in a field with lots of uneven ground – definitely worth it to add on your invites that ladies should wear flats or wedges. They will thank you!!

Special thanks to The Back Tux for breaking down the rules so simply for us!



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