Thanksgiving Leftovers Like You’ve Never Seen

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I recently was apart of such an incredible shoot. Not because the location was the “most amazing spot ever” or because we had professional models who regularly grace magazine pages. And not even because I had some killer DIY’s to contribute or mega sponsors to provide me all my favorite pieces for the tablescape. It was incredible, because well, the food was out of this world. And… it was just, real life. The location was my side yard. The “models” were just all us friends. The decor was simple, beautiful, and TOTALLY attainable by anyone (hello, Target and World Market). The centerpieces were so amazing because we used WHEAT, yes colorful wheat found at the farmer’s market – and cotton, yup, cotton. It was so fall/wintery, and incredible. I loved every bit of it. Oh, and did I mention the FOOD?!

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It seems so simple on the surface. Create a menu with all Thanksgiving leftovers… but with a twist. Chef and owner of Savour This Kitchen, Marlene Bernstein (and my dear friend) really stepped up her game with these recipes. Like, seriously guys – put these in your recipe books. I will probably be making these every year. And I don’t even cook!

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There is just something about food, and friends and family and good conversation – and being outdoors that just makes my heart happy and this shoot had all of that. It didn’t feel like a shoot for us. It felt like thanksgiving leftovers with friends on a wednesday afternoon. Celebrating life. And I hope that you can emulate that in your own home this next week. It’s way more fun that shopping black friday, cyber monday, or whatever it is these days – promise ;-)

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To get the full recipes of everything you see here, be sure to head on over to Lauren Conrad’s Blog HERE for all the details =)

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So you can host your own leftover dinner, here are a few places I found some of our pieces:

plates – World Market

gold serving ware, gold mason jars, copper flatware, & bowls – Target

Coffee provided by: Oak Glen Coffee (it’s the best, guys!)

I spray painted real apples gold – and with some, I carved out a space and placed a tea light – so easy!

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