Table Number DIY w/ Wedding Chicks

If you’re planning your wedding and stuck on what to do with your table numbers and don’t want to break the bank. Boy, do we have an epic DIY for you today! You don’t even need to be a pro DIY-er for this one. With the help of the Free Printables section on Wedding Chicks, this may be the easiest wedding project you do ever!

Here’s what you need: Cardstock (for however many tables you’ll have), watercolors – we got ours HERE, paintbrushes, cup with water, and a printer to print the freebie

So, what you’ll do first is choose which color you want to watercolor. We did a mix of two to make a pretty light teal-ish color. Then, you’re going to paint the center part of the cardstock, leaving a bit of white along the edges. I did an ombre style┬áso I made it a bit darker on top and it got lighter towards the bottom of the card. It’s important to not use too much water here because you don’t want the cardstock to get too wet.

Once all your cards have dried. You can download your table number print. We used this one called Romeo & Juliet┬ábut you can use anyone you’d like!

Pro tip: Once your cards are dry. Put them in a heavy book’s pages for a couple days to get super flat.

Here is what the freebie printable looks like without the watercolor (on the right) and then with the water color below. What a difference it makes! Plus, adding this makes them a bit more personal & customized for your wedding reception.

Hope you enjoyed this super simple DIY as much as we did! And a huge thanks to Wedding Chicks for creating such a fun freebie for brides to use out there! We’ll be using these for a wedding we’re designing in Cancun in a couple months. Can’t wait to show them off!

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