Sunset Rally

This past weekend, I had to opportunity to work with Rainy of Circa Rentals on her first ever Sunset Rally conference. Her vision was to create a space for owners of rental companies in the event industry to come together, in kindness (not competition) and learn and grow with one another through community and some killer guest speakers.

It was a 2-day event held at Casita Hollywood – a rad event space right in the heart of the city. I knew Rainy’s passion and heart behind this project, but I didn’t totally know what to expect and I was blown away by the whole experience.

I’ve been to countless workshops/conferences, both in the wedding industry and just the entrepreneur/creative space and this was different. At its core. It was truly an honor to be apart of this event, even in such a small way. All the attendees were owners of rental companies and they all came to learn how to grow and better their businesses. The topics included: marketing and promotions, tips on getting published, legal, workflow and systems, and the list goes on. SO MUCH information. And the best part – all the companies had to opportunity to chime in and offer their advice on things that worked for them – just like that. Freely shared their tips and tricks with one another. I feel like that’s unheard of in this industry. So refreshing!

We had Joe+Kathrina there to capture to whole event and they did SUCH a great job! Scroll through and you’ll almost feel like you were there!

I made these cute tumblers to go in the swag bags for all the attendees to stay hydrated! They turned out so cute!

Here are all the incredible speakers and topics we got to hear:

Posh Peony : Testimonials // Witty Rentals: Partnership & Evolving // Lane Richards: Promotions & Marketing // Engaged Legal: Legal Talk & Tips // Katie Prichard: Getting Published & Great Imagery // Backbone Business: Calm Profitable Business // Borrowed Blu: Journey // Wild Heart Events: Designers Perspective //

Lunch on Day 1 was provided by Desert Tacos – an incredible Taco Cart based in the Joshua Tree Area

The ladies of Borrowed Blu even came in and designed a tablescape using their incredible pieces on a Circa table adorned with florals from Foxtail Florals- I am OBSESSED with the neutral palette! These ladies nailed it.

So at the beginning of Day 2… I had this idea… we should do an epic champagne toast to Rainy for having an idea and just freaking GOING FOR IT. Do you know how rad that is? She deserved something to close out her first conference, right?! So I teamed up with Juniper Rocks to create a French 75 cocktail for Rainy and all the attendees! I got a special bottle of bubbles just for Rainy to pop herself ;-)

Overall, it was such a magical event. I got to meet so many incredible entrepreneurs, learned so much myself from all the speakers, I seriously hope Rainy does another one – the world NEEDS more encouragement and kindness like this! Happy Monday Friends!

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