Summer Sounds

This year has been the year of following my passions. I used to be SUCH a workaholic. Putting everything else on the back burner in the name of building a business. I’m not sure what changed. My new responsibilities helping out my family… or the fact that this is my 10th year in business (WHAT?!) that has made me realize what is truly most important in life. Yes, my work is important. But more importantly is my family. Relationships I build. Friendships. That is life.

So this year – I’m still a wedding planner. I’m still planning and designing gorgeous weddings. But I’m taking days off. I’m going to the beach. I’m taking bubbles baths more. AND I co-created a mini summer concert series with friends!

It’s called Summer Sounds. It’s at my house. It’s invite only and it’s a time to hang outside, meet new people. Eat good food. And listen to local artist play live music. I used to work in the music industry and I’ve always had a passion for local artists and outdoor concerts. So this is truly a passion project. We’ve only committed to one event a month from June-Aug and we’re quickly approaching our last event. I cannot believe how fun, excited, and exhilarating this has been. I’m so grateful that I did this and hope we can continue to bring it back year after year!

All photos and the incredible video at the end were all done by my dear friends Joe+Kathrina. Be sure to check out their work. They are so talented!

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