Spring Brunch Inspiration

Tut tut it looks like Spring! We love planning beautiful wedding receptions, obvi, but we also love hosting in our own home probably just as much. Case in point – our outdoor dinner party tips for Lauren Conrad.com and our Valentine’s Brunch! There is something so special about gathering around a beautifully curated table and sharing a meal with friends, am I right? It’s my favorite. So on this somewhat dreary Monday morning, I thought I’d pull one of out of the archives for you! This is a brunch shoot I put together with Marlene Bernstein – chef extraordinaire and Emily Reiter of Anna Delores Photography.

It’s fun, bright, full of DIYs that you can easily do yourself… and there is a mimosa bar. So there. That’s literally all you need to host your girls in the best way.

We created a table runner and photobooth backdrop full of bright colored flowers made entirely of tissue paper! SUPER easy! All you need is 5-6 sheets per flower. Layer together and glue. Cut out rounded petals. Then take a different colored sheet and scrunch up to  make the center. Easy peasy.

The floral chandelier is my ALL TIME FAV EVER. Now, I’m no florist. Like, I’m probably the opposite of a florist. So, this is definitely do-able for you guys. All you need is a 2×4 piece of wood (or anything similar really) We used wood because it went with everything else we were doing. I purchased a few bundles of  florals from Trader Joes and attached the stems using twine. Done and done. We hung from a tree above our table and it was the perfect touch.

We put a fun twist on the traditional mimosa. Instead of adding OJ, we created a sort of faux mimosa cocktail by muddling fruits and spices to our champagne. We had 3 different flavors that Marlene created for the brunch. Verbena Orange Blueberry, Mango Orange Mint, and Strawberry Mint Cilantro (my fav!) So for the fruits, we just included shavings of mango and oranges, obviously included the herbs (fresh, not dried) and threw the blueberries in whole. They were all so yummy and tasted like spring!

As the weather is getting warmer – invite your girls over and share a meal this weekend! It’s way more fun that Netflix, I promise


  1. Super cool ideas!
    Especially for the drinks, mimosas already are fun drinks, thanks for finding a way to make them even more delightful.
    Loving the blog so far, keep up the great content.

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