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Food trucks are a wonderful addition to any cocktail hour or reception, as this can be a fast, fun and diverse way to serve your guests up some great food. It is an easy option because you tell them where and when you want them and they take care of all the logistics. We want to make sure your special day goes off with out a hitch, so here are a few things to consider before signing on the dotted line!

┬áConsider what you’d want out of your food truck:


-Are you having a casual outdoor reception?

-Do you want one that comes with a sugar high?

-How many guests are you inviting? Will you need more than one truck?


Generally one food truck can feed most guests, anything over 600 hundred would need multiple trucks. To keep things moving or to have more options for your guests you could consider hiring more than one type of truck.

-Be sure to know your guest count before booking.

-On average 3 different trucks can be a nice mix for larger groups.


Consider the season:

-During off season weddings, food trucks can be very affordable and they will be more likely to strike a deal with you.

-Keep in mind that the season can also impact your menu options, as some items may not be available.

-Find out how flexible they are willing to be with the menu. Do they only offer set menu items or will they customized the menu to better fit what you and your guests would want?

-The good new is, most ARE completely customizable and most will take food allergies and preferences into account. They like to try new things so don’t be afraid to ask!


Be sure to think through all the logistics:

-Will it work with your venue?

-Space shouldn’t be a problem for them since they are pretty self contained.

-You’ll probably need to hire someone to bus tables, because the food truck staff will stay and serve from the truck.

-If you want fancy, non-disposable china and flatware, you may need to go through an additional rental company for these separately. Make sure you check with them as soon as possible.

-The truck will only have one service window, so although the turnover is pretty quick, anticipate a line at some point. Again this is where multiple trucks could help with that if you’re worried about your guests having to wait.

-Food trucks do require set up and take down time so be sure to check with your venue about any time restrictions before finalizing any contracts to avoid late fees on the day.


Most importantly: Plan ahead!

-If you are trying to book a popular food truck, give yourself some time. We recommend that you should contact the truck at least 3-12 months ahead to be safe. The trucks are most popular in the summer months, so the earlier the better!

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