Sequin Heart Hair Clip DIY + Feature!

In case you missed it yesterday, an adorable Valentines Inspired Ladies brunch I designed was featured on the one and only Lauren It was seriously a dream come true to see my work adorn her beautiful pages. It seriously made my whole month – way to kick off 2014, right?! I had an amazing team to work with, Savour This Moment & Anna Delores Photography seriously brought the whole concept together flawlessly =) Besure to check out the full feature for tons of killer inspiration photos as well as all the recipes so you have all the tools to throw your own!


One idea I had for the shoot, was to create a DIY that anyone can do that could be used as decor for the brunch but also doubles as a take home for your fav ladies. Who doesn’t want a little sparkle in their hair anyways?! The full instructions are on the original feature, but I thought I’d walk you through you here as well, step by step.


  • sequin trim
  • felt
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • hair clip (one with teeth is best)


  1. Cut a heart out of the felt in the shape and size you wish.
  2. Glue your sequin trim around the perimeter of the heart, starting at the bottom point. When you’ve come all the way around, slightly adjust the trim up to start a new layer. Keep wrapping and gluing your trim until you have reached the center. Since the hot glue dries fast, glue in 1 to 2 inch sections at a time.


3. When the felt is totally covered, cut your trim and secure the last sequin piece with another dot of glue.


4. Glue your hair clip to the back of the heart in the position you desire and let dry.


There you have it! Now, throw it up in your hair, attach it to a napkin, or clip it to your seating assignments, or a floral arrangement! Tell your guests, that not only is this cutie for decoration, but it’s theirs for the taking! They will be sure to feel the love =)




  1. This is cute and elegant, I want to try making this.

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