Save The Date, It’s Wedding Season

Your Save-the-Date is the first glimpse of your wedding your guests are going to see. Make sure it represents you as a couple and the style of your wedding. Save-the-Dates aren’t required, but are a courteous gesture for your guests to make sure they will be at your wedding and don’t accidentally plan the annual family vacation to South Beach the same weekend. Some people recommend sending them out at least 6-8 months to make sure your guests have ample time to mark their calendars and make the necessary arrangements. We recommend sooner rather than later – a year if you can!

Save the dates are also a way to show your guests what the style & feel of your big day is going to be. Will it be a black tie affair or a whimsical ceremony in a field? Help them plan their trip by giving a tease for what is to come. We found some very fun and unique ideas for your Save-the-Dates that are all completely customizable and won’t break the bank!

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These movie poster Save-the-Dates are a great idea to show your playful side as a couple and can be adjusted to fit any of your favorite movies!



Catch all those tears of joy your family and friends will be shedding with these delicate, customized hankies.



Let the sparks fly with these adorable Save-the-Date matchbooks that will keep people warm with love all year round.

                                       source                                                              source

These temporary tattoos are such a fun and playful way to mark your wedding date onto your loved ones hearts and make sure they won’t forget!



You don’t have to have an artist bone in your body to create these watercolor sensations. Paint a couple of lines and have a stamp made and you’re good to go.



Get the party started early with one of these confetti Save-the-Dates!



Keep your guests guessing with these scratcher Save-the-Dates. This would also be fun to have your guests scratch off the location of your wedding if you are having a destination wedding.



Your guests will definitely have fun accessorizing and dressing you up with these paper doll Save-the-Dates.



For all the music loving couples, why not send out one of these customized records for your guests to be impressed with and entertained.


                                    source                                                                  source

Try one of these out-of-the-box ideas for all you bookworm and party people alike!

Let us know in the comments which is your favorite =)


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