Ruth and Taylor’s Eagle Rock Wedding

Ruth and Taylor are probably the sweetest people on the planet. Nothing but smiles and hugs. And I don’t think anything can stress them out. Their wedding was a mix of lavish greenery & rustic wood elements that created a very crisp, clean, and almost mid century modern feel. We had so much fun helping create and execute the details for this day!



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A little about their love story: We met at a mutual friend’s Halloween party–so the only connection we had was that friend! We hadn’t gone to the same school, or worked together, or grew up in the same town, or anything like that. One thing we did connect on was that we both had grown up abroad, and understood the same struggles and blessings of having grown up in other cultures with parents who are missionaries. 

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The proposal: Taylor proposed at one of our favorite spots in Rancho Palos Verdes.  It’s this tiny and peaceful park called Del Cerro up on a hill where you can see the ocean. We went on a little hike around the area, and then when we finally reached the park, we sat on a little bench and chilled for a bit.  He then took out snacks and a little letter he wrote (for a scrapbook we started together when we started dating, where we add letters we write to each other, and things we process and learn–yeah he must really love me to do that, hahaha).  He wrote some really sweet things, and at the end of it he told me to look up, and he was holding my engagement ring. :) Afterwards, we went back to his place, where he and his sister had planned a little surprise party with a group of our friends!


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From the Bride on planning her big day: I was kind of dreading being the center of attention! The part I did like, though it was difficult, was trying to be very creative with limited resources–to think of ways to build the look and elegance of the event without extravagant things (my goal was for it to be simple and beautiful, but not tacky, haha).  In LA, it’s easy to get trapped thinking “I need this and that!”–but at the end of the day, we kept it to the decor/food/people/traditions that were meaningful to us and our story.  So it was nice to add a lot of personal touch to the decor (like table numbers, invites, seating chart), and to have Tasteful Tatters help so much with executing the vision and other details for the event!

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Design & Planning: Tasteful Tatters // Photography: MarieSam Sanchez Photography // Venue: Center for the Arts Eagle Rock  // Rentals: Imperial Party Rentals // Desserts: Portos Bakers // Table #ers, Signage, Invitations: Made by the Bride


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    • Nice blog, I liked all the pictures shared by you. I loved their wedding was a mix of lavish greenery & rustic wood elements which created a very crisp, clean, and almost mid-century modern feel.

  2. Casablanca says

    Incredible piece of art, a piece of the poetry!

  3. This is one of the greatest ones I seen in a while, some true art form

  4. We truly love your ideas, those fire sticks are wonderful, full of light and glory

  5. Dana Morgan-Wilson says

    Where were the “First Look”/wedding party pictures taken? Thanks!

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