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While perusing Pinterst a couple months ago, I stumbled upon this awesome photo of a whole role of return address masking tape and just about squealed out loud in my office =) So cool, right?! Especially for mailing out all my business related thank yous, rsvps, etc. So I started to do some research on how much it would cost to get something like that made for my brand. Turns out, not only is it hard to find, but it can get quite expensive. Oh blast.

So, then when I saw another post on Pinterest how one person took the original return tape roll concept, but made it a little more DIY than just manufactured and I was so excited. I though to myself, now I could TOTALLY do that! Mixed with… man, I wish I would have thought of that!


Basically what they did was have a clear stamp made with their return address and a mini logo to the same size as the standard scotch masking tape width. And did a more “stamp as you go” method – which is awesome because you’re not locked into one color! I just knew I had to make my own. So I found Megan Lacey Designs on Etsy and she created the PERFECT stamp with everything I needed for my faux tape return addresses at such a great price. I was beyond thrilled with the result and I’m even considering making another one for all the personal packages I send out!

Hope you guys feel inspired to maybe send some snail mail this week =)

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