Real Wedding: Bryan & Penny

I just love Bryan & Penny’s story. A friend recently told me how lucky I must be that I get to hear all these amazing love stories and that I should share them with the world. I guess when you work in the industry you forget that these are love stories… not just clients, or “my October Event.” They are individual love stories that have transformed two people’s lives. And simultaneously, the other lives that they themselves touch. It hit me then, how truly lucky I am to be apart of it – even if in a small way – making their wedding day look good and run smoothly.


Bryan met Penny 30 years ago when he got a job working for the City Library. Penny also worked at the library. They became friends right away. And they stayed friends for a long time. Bryan had a couple girlfriends. Penny went out on dates… then, eventually got married. They still worked for the city. They still stayed friends. They both really enjoyed being around each other and valued their friendship. It could have maybe been more… but the timing was never right, until now. Now they are in the 50’s and the timing was perfect and it was the perfect love story. Bryan never married – he had waited… for the right timing and bless his soul, that time came and you better believe he snatched that lady up! I just love it!


They celebrated in a gorgeous outdoor dinner surrounded by their closest friends and family – all who couldn’t help but cheer for Bryan all day long ;-) The place was drizzling with sunflowers at every corner, and the local creamery had a little cart and umbrella passing out fresh organic ice creams to everyone. It was a perfect summer day. The summer solstice to be exact.  Take a look at the beautifully captured day by Joe+Kathrina to get a glimpse of this real life fairy tale.







Design + Coordination: Tasteful Tatters // Photography : Joe+Kathrina // Video: Erica Huls // Cupcakes: Polkatots // Ice Cream Cart: Carmela’s  // Venue: Private Residence // Florals : Heirloom Design House

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