Pressed Flower Iphone Case DIY


Happy Fourth of July friends!! I’m so excited to finally share this DIY with you all! I know it’s not all red, white, and blue… I apologize – but how about a fabulous fresh DIY to spice up your iphone instead? Trust me, you’ll love it =) This project was the first of many for my new Crafts & Cocktails event, and I was so excited to see how everyone’s turned out! The girls had a great time and I hope you try it out for yourself as well.


What You’ll Need:

  • Blank iphone case (similar found here)
  • pressed flowers/leaves – very important that these are very flat
  • epoxy resin (found here)
  • craft popsicle sticks – found at any craft store and sometimes the dollar store!
  • clear plastic cups (2)
  • timer
  • ruler
  • sharpie
  • Elmers craft glue
  • glitter (optional. but, really – how could you not?!)

Step 1: create the layout of pressed flowers you like on the outside of your case. You can either glue the flowers down as you go or  create your design – take a photo, and then glue all the flowers down. All you need is a small dot of glue in the center of each flower/leaf.


Step 2: Prepare the resin. I used an epoxy resin from Michaels so these are the instructions for that. If your resin has different instructions – follow the box. Measure 3/4 & 3/8 of an inch on the outside of your cup and mark the lines with a  sharpie. First pour in the resin to the first line. Then pour in the hardener to the 2nd. It’s important that you have equal parts of both or it won’t harden properly.

Step 3: Now, set your time for 2 min and with one of the craft sticks stir continuously for the 2 full minutes. Then pour all contents into the 2nd cup and set your time for 1 minute. Then let sit for 5 min.


Step 4: Now you’re ready to pour your resin! Remember, a lot goes a long way. Start pouring a nickel size dot in the center of the case and use your crafts stick to spread out evenly over the case. You’ll see that the resin almost has a gel like consistency and you can spread pretty close to the edge without it falling off. But be careful. If some some drips down, don’t fret! You can use a q-tip and nail polish remover to wipe off, but do it quickly before it hardens.


Step 5: This is the time to add the glitter if you want! I know you all were anxiously awaiting this part! As you’re spreading the resin, sprinkle on some glitter! Let dry for 5-6 hours, checking on it periodically to clean up any drips.

All photos  were taken by the lovely Stacey Kelly who was our featured photographer for this month’s event. Thank you Stacey!


  1. Valerie C. says

    This was SO MUCH FUN, Emilee! Everyone’s case turned out so unique and beautiful, and your instructions were perfect! Thank you for hosting this event, I’m looking forward to attending many more!

  2. Perfect DIY Em and such a fun event!

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