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Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to hop on plane and head to Cancun for about 5 days to pull off a full on wedding extravaganza at El Dorado Royale. It was quite the adventure to say the least. As with any wedding, there are so many details that go into every part of the day… but when you take that over to another country, it practically doubles. I’m pretty sure I was emailing the hotel 3x a week for over 8 months haha – but all our hard work paid off and the wedding day was downright perfection! I took a few snaps on my phone throughout the week to share with you all. If you are considering a destination wedding, it is such a great option! I’m thinking of doing a follow up post on dos and don’ts for planning a destination wedding, would anyone be interested in that? Let me know in the comments below!

I packed all my clothes in this cute mini carry on suitcase from DesignLoveFest… and the rest of our FOUR bags were for wedding decor! And these cute little flamingo drink floaties were in the welcome bags for each guest – so cute! 

My stunning bride and her mama chillin in the pool rockin’ their wedding sunnies. We got gold sunglasses custom made for each wedding guest as well. It was so fun to walk up to a bar and see other ppl wearing the sunglasses too – you knew right away who was part of the wedding group!

The had white bougainvillea everywhere! I was obsessed! I’ve never seen that in LA

We worked with Vanessa Jaimes Floral Design on all the florals and she blew our minds with our above and beyond she went for this wedding. She’s local to the area and if you are getting married around there – you must hire her!! You will  not be disappointed. Can you believe we found her on Instagram?!

If you’re looking to do a destination wedding, but not sure where to start or thing you need a planner – email us! We’d love to help you plan your big day, stay organized, but also have fun (not work) on your wedding!

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