Mini Banana Cream Pie Recipes

I hate to cook. And I LOVE to bake. The problem is, I can’t do it all the time or else I’d stuff my face with sweet treats all day long. So I try to bake when I know people are coming over or for a fun dinner party. I just love banana cream pie. Like, it’s my all time fav. But pies like that don’t look very pretty when they are sliced up. And if you think like me, and you’re planning a dinner party with friends – you want every last detail to look pretty. Am I right?!

So, I stumbled upon this adorable recipe for mini banana cream pies (perfect for a little get together!) And I feel like people are more down to try a bite sized treat that opt for a whole slice of pie – perfect! The recipe I found was from and it was perfect for me – super simple. But I made a few adjustments of my own and I’m in love with the final result. (image below via


What You’ll Need:

Package of sugar cookie dough (I also tried chocolate chip and it was awesome!)

3 bananas (originally only 1 – I added 2)

1 package of banana cream pudding mix


whipped cream

cupcake tin (originally call for the mini size, but I opted for the regular)


First preheat your oven according to the dough instructions and lightly grease the inside of your cupcake tin. The original recipe calls for a mini tin – I used regular sized cupcake tins and it was the perfect amount. While that’s heating follow the instructions on your pudding mix and blend together (min required blending for 2 min and then setting in the fridge) Once oven is heated place medium¬†balls of dough into the cupcake tin and bake until a golden brown.


When cookies are done, remove from over and use a shot glass to press the bottom down to create a little “cup like” shape. ¬†And let cool. This next part was my own addition – While these are cooling, dice up 2 bananas into small chunks and blend these into the banana pudding. I feel like this makes the mini pies as a whole taste a lot more like the real thing. Now, save your last banana to add little slices to the top after you’ve added the whipped cream – yumm!! Try them out at your next summer BBQ – I guarantee they will be a hit!


  1. You have to make these for us!!!

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