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I know it’s already April, but the ladies and I over at OHG have officially launched our 2016 Dates!! If you’re sitting there like, what the heck is OHG? Are they talking about Ryan Gosling Memes? Let me back up and re-introduce this incredible project with you: (Scroll all the way down for the next date!)

I got started out in this business of weddings and planning way back when in 2009 where I was primarily a stylist. I put a set together, I styled the models and I literally posed everything and even advised the photographers on the shots that I was envisioning and how best to capture this detail and that. I was styling ALL the time and I loved it. But then business really picked up and I was working real weddings almost every weekend. I am so incredibly grateful for that, don’t get my wrong. But a part of me, missed that stylist element to my early career. So when my dearest friend, Kathrina (of Joe+Kathrina) and I were gabbing over lunch about our businesses and things we would love to pursue within them, the topic of boudoir came up… we were both a little like, “umm eww, no.”

Then something awesome happened. It happens with us a lot. Because, we’re pretty much the same person. We started talking a million miles a minute (and sometimes just totally talking over each other) about all the reasons we don’t like boudoir.. and how we would approach it differently, and how we saw a gap in this huge market that wasn’t being filled. Where are the photos of real girls, being awesome, and doing real things (drinking coffee, cuddling up on the couch, etc) in their undies? Not the photos of the uncomfortable lingerie, which let’s face it, we don’t really wear in real life anyways. Not the photos that are over edited and airbrushed so they are practically unrecognizable. Not the photos of a bra and stilettos and nothing else. I mean, really?

It was then that I think a light bulb went off in both of us that was like, “we can totally do this.” We wanted to created an atmosphere of loving each other and our bodies. All the different shapes, sizes, and colors that we are. Not what we think we should be. Do you wear this kinda stuff in the morning? No. Okay, then don’t pose in it. Be you. And let’s love it!

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And guys. It turned into something so much more than that. We created a space where women can just love on each other. Different shapes, sizes, and colors. Different ages, stories and backgrounds. Some strangers, some friends. We came together and put insecurities, judgements, and all of that static aside, and in it’s purest form – encouraged, confirmed, inspired, and straight up cheered for each other. It is beautiful. And it’s what we as women should be about. And we can’t get enough of it.

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So there you have it. Our project was born and now we’re into YEAR 2!! We’re kicking off the year May 22nd in Los Angeles and soon, very soon, we’ll be announcing our next out of stat dates. Yes, you read that right. Will we be coming to your town? Stay tuned or join the mailing list to find out!

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Speaking of which, we have a Website!! It’s gorgeous, you’ll feel right at home. We can’t wait to drink champagne and run around in our undies in May with you!

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    LOVE this. <3

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