Mini Herb Garden DIY

Today’s DIY is brought to us by the husband & wife team that make up Mozi Photography! I got the opportunity to meet Shane & Lauren at a wedding I was styling and they were shooting. We immediately hit it off and had stayed in touch and worked on a couple projects since. These two have some serious talent! Anyways, they made these adorable herb gardens as Christmas presents for their clients… but I thought these would not only make great holiday gifts, but killer Valentines gifts as well! Just as gardening season is upon us! Read below for the full details & instructions =)


“Last year we started a fun tradition on making something fun and creative for our wedding couples for Christmas.  This year we started talking about gift ideas in early November but just couldn’t find anything we loved. Then finally one day we thought of this fun idea to give our couples the gift of fresh herbs! We’ve talked about starting a garden for years now but just have never got around to it. We also hate when we buy a bundle of fresh herbs from the store and use them for one recipe before they go bad! So we figured why not come up with a cute way to be able to display fresh herbs in a kitchen. We found Heather from Succulents Galore on Etsy who built us custom reclaimed wood boxes to fit two mason jars and from there we just started assembling. Our couples LOVED them and we even saved an extra for ourselves that’s starting to sprout!”


1. Heather from Succulents Galore made reclaimed wood boxes to fit 2 pint size mason jars
2. Purchase herbs, planting soil and clay pots
3. Break clay pots into small pieces
4. Fill mason jars with clay pot pieces for water draining and mold prevention
5. Fill mason jars with potting soil
6. Plant desired herbs (we choose a combination of Sage, Dill, Thyme and Mint for our couples)
7. Write herb names on mini chalkboard signs
8. Use a hot glue gun to adhere the mini chalkboard sign to the wood box
9. Place planted mason jars and crinkle cut paper in wood box
10. If giving as a gift, wrap up in brown kraft paper and bakers twine
Custom reclaimed wood boxes- Succulents Galore
Mini Chalkboard signs- Factory Direct Craft
Mason Jars- Target

Herbs, soil and clay pots -Lowes
Red, Green & White Bakers Twine–


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    Mini Herb Garden DIY | Tasteful Tatters

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