Micro Wedding & Covid Friendly Wedding Inspiration

You may have seen my last post on what I predicted weddings may look like moving forward in this pandemic (or maybe you didn’t!) Either way, I felt like my ideas would be better executed by showing you exactly what I had in mind – so I teamed up with an incredible vendor team to bring my ideas to life. So, without further adieu, I present to you… the new wedding trend of 2020 (possibly 2021)… Micro Weddings!

Location. Now, for a lot of you… a micro wedding may mean just in your backyard. And that’s awesome. But so many of us don’t have backyards setup for an event like this and as we head into summer and fall… and weather gets cooler – you may need something inside. So – look for a small space with plenty of natural light, loads of parking, and if they have the ability to open all windows for easy airflow – that is a covid bonus! We hit the jackpot with local spot, Whimsy, in the heart of Pasadena.

Now let’s chat food! Food is a classic element at every reception. Sitting around a table and breaking bread is a beautiful thing in life and at weddings. So we’re not suggesting getting rid of it entirely – more like – reimagining it. First of all – give your guests the option. They can stay and eat or they can take their food to go after the nuptials. That’s why adorable boxed up food is a perfect way to execute that! We’re partnered with the team at Cutting Edge Catering to create these beautiful boxes of food that are perfect for a midday event.

we served beautiful salads and the best sandwiches ever – fits perfectly in a box and easy to eat!

Charcuterie boards are always a huge hit at weddings… but can be tough to keep sanitary… so individual charcuterie boxes are the perfect concept for a micro wedding! Didn’t they turn out adorable?! We did ours big enough to feed 2 people – so couples can share. And don’t worry – they are still photo ready ;-)

Desserts… now just like food -we recommend pre boxing up desserts for your guests.. no more messy cake with someone slicing up pieces and leaving out for guests. Make it easy and clean and covid friendly by having your caterer pre box them. And hell… serve them up first thing instead of at the end, because why not?! Also, from years of doing weddings and throwing out cake/desserts… providing boxes is a great way to allow guests to save the sweets for when they go home instead of running the risk of them getting tossed.

Bar/Alcohol. Bars can be messy, they can be sticky… and best yet, they attract a crowd. Which in a pre-covid world is all fine and dandy. With the issues we’re facing today, I’m guessing an open bar is not going to work for a covid friendly micro wedding. Instead – how about setting up self service stations where guests can grab a canned rose or a canned cocktail! Be sure to rent extra trash cans – or better yet – recycle bins!

Details – this is the best part! If you’re only have 20 guests or so… you can definitely have fun with the details! Go big! Have fun with it. Make it personal. Get a fun lounge set! There are so many things uncertain these days, you might as well have fun with one element. We made each place setting bold, bright, unique and fun! For the acrylic place settings we painted the back with different colors just using broad brush strokes and then added the names to the front. Super easy and a fun keepsake for family members.

Table Settings. Since you’ll have less guests, and inevitably saving money on rentals. Be generous with spacing. Instead of 8 or 10 per table – sit 6 people at one long table and 6 at a round table. Or better yet – you can rent square tables and place 2 on each side – keeping couples together but with plenty of space in between.

Photos. So, with a micro wedding, you might cut your hours down on the actual day. Instead of a 10-12 hour day, you may opt for 4 to 5 max… but don’t forget to keep plenty of time for photos. They are the only thing you’ll take with you at the end of it all – don’t skimp on the photos!

Florals. Go big. Have fun. Don’t do a bridal party. Also… the bigger the floral arrangement… more space in between guests at a table haha. Don’t forget to put flowers everywhere. At your drink stations, your food stations, everything. Also – get creative and repurpose where you can!

Centia of Petal nailed these blooms! So unique and colorful!

Invitations are going to actually be key for this. You don’t necessarily have to do paper invitations (even though we love those) but having open communication between your guests is so important. Let guests know that you’d love to have them witness your vows, but if they aren’t comfortable with the drinks and food, they are more than welcome to leave. The old rules are out the window! I also think it’s important to let guests know that if they aren’t feeling well or have a fever – to NOT come. You won’t be upset. And then commit to not being upset if they do.

Ceremony Seating. People usually come to weddings in pairs. So set up your rows with tons of space and make your rows only 2 seats long. Or skip the chairs and let guests stand around leaving as much space as they are comfortable with. Don’t forget to block off space for an aisle!

Have we convinced you to have a Micro Wedding yet? Looks fun, right?! Now through 2020, we are offering special pricing for micro wedding packages JUST like you see you! So be sure to reach out if you’re interested in that. AAAAND the vendors involved have also created special pricing for micro weddings so check them all out here:

Venue: Whimsy Pasadena // Photography: Simply Adri Photography // Tabletop Rentals: MTB Event Rentals // Florals: Petal Floral // Specialty Rentals: Circa Rentals // Catering & Desserts: Cutting Edge Catering // Invitations: Minted // Video: Press Films & Media


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