Mastering Your Bridal Look

We’ve gathered some great tips from the pros who have been there and done their own weddings and are kind enough to share the things they’ve learned about their wedding day look with the rest of us.


Work with the weather

Try to plan ahead and know what the weather is going to be like ahead of time so you can plan accordingly. That goes for your dress, venue preparations and refreshments for guests. There was a bride that had two dresses made, both better suited for cooler weather. Once she got to the reception she cut her second dress above the knee to keep from over heating. Sometimes you have to just roll with the punches and be ok with it.


Do you 

If you love color, don’t hold back. Maybe you’ll have a pink gown, or lots of colorful flowers. It’s your day and you should do what makes you happy.


Get what you really want

So many of us have probably already found our dream wedding dress by one of those fabulous designers. And we might even think it’s out of our reach. But if I do know one thing it’s that you should be able to get what you really want on your wedding day. There are a lot of great seamstresses and dress designers that you could take your dream inspiration too and have a custom dress made that is perfectly you.


Pack a party dress

Even if you didn’t plan for a second look, pack a party dress. You may end up wanting to change. A bride surprised her sister by overnighting a simple white sheath dress to the wedding when she heard she didn’t have a second look. The bride was so thankful she did because she realized she couldn’t dress all night in the tulle wedding dress she was wearing. The dress her sister ordered didn’t actually fit, but the bride was so thankful she didn’t care! This is good to keep in mind for all future brides. You might not think you want a second look at the beginning but it never hurts to have a back up.


Go dress shopping alone

Something you might not think about is that, all though your family and friends love you and only want to be helpful, they can have a lot of opinions. A tip from a bride was that she went dress shopping solo a couple of times and was able to choose for herself what her dream dress was. She knew her husband had hinted that he loved her in strapless gowns, so armed with that she was able to go in and feel beautiful all on her own. Good advice from this is to ask the man you love what he would like to see you in as well. Maybe hearing what he likes can help you make your decision.


Play with your jewelry

A bride found this vintage brooch that she fell in love with and decided to add it to the side of her dress. She loved it so much she decided to have an additional piece made to match it for her hair and matching earrings. She found something old and mixed it with somethings new. Jewelry can be a great way to mix and match and find your true wedding style.


Switch up your beauty look

Who says you have to pick one wedding look and stick with it. Be playful and change your ceremony make up to go into the reception feeling a little more festive. One bride wanted a more natural lip for her ceremony but decided to add a pop of color with her reception lipstick. She said Nars does a great matte lip pencil called Dolce Vita and she pairs it with MAC’s Russian Red for a great red lip.

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