Making Your Wedding Day Personal

Let me start by saying… “personal” doesn’t ALWAYS equal creative. I think a lot of people think that if they aren’t creative, they can’t have personal touches. Simply not true! Alternatively, making things personal doesn’t necessarily translate to DIY projects. 100% no.

Step 1: Decide how much time and energy you want to put into creating personal touches into your big day. This is key. Set the boundary and stick to it. That way, months from now, when you’re knee deep in wedding planning and scrolling through Instagram… you won’t be swayed to take up every project you see portrayed. I go into more detail on this on my podcast with Meg Christine Photography called Wedding Therapy Podcast. Check that out as a resource as well!

Step 2: Pick Your Projects. Below, I’m going to share my favorite ways to make your wedding day personalized. Super tangible. Links and all. You’re welcome.

Napkins/Barware: One of the SIMPLEST ways to add some personality to your wedding is custom napkins/coasters/cocktail stirrers. My fav resource for these is For Your Party. Now, there are levels to the creativity on this one. This website has hundreds of pre-made templates and color options, so you really don’t have to come up with anything too crazy on your own. Yet, they will still be personal. However, if you’re of the creative type… you can totally design your own. Here’s a great example of napkins one of my couples designed that was so uniquely perfect for them. They were a huge hit. Napkins! A huge hit. Imagine that ;-)

Another great way to personalize your wedding is getting a little creative with your paper products. Maybe you were planning on doing programs for your ceremony. Instead of doing a classic white… maybe print them on the back of music sheets of your favorite songs or include a personal message of thanks to your guests. Great resources for paper products are Etsy, Minted, & Basic Invite

Another paper product that can be personalized in a fun way is your menus! Did you know you can print circular menus?? They look so great on a charger or plate that is pre-placed on the table. Maybe include your favorite quote or song lyric on there to make it a little more fun and personalized! To order, you can check out Etsy, For Your Party, and Zazzle!

Want to go a bit bigger? You might want to personalize your escort card situation. Maybe simple folded tent cards aren’t your thing. You want something a bit bigger and custom that reflects your personality. Then go for it! Again, I want to emphasize that you don’t have to “personalize EVERYTHING” you can pick and choose a few elements and you’d be surprised how much of an impact they give. This one will for sure be a crowd pleaser. Here’s a few inspirations from one of my favs, Back Up Backdrops

To hear more about my philosophy on personalizing your wedding day – be sure to check out Episode 27 on the Wedding Therapy Podcast!

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