Light up the night on your wedding day

Market Lights are a very popular wedding trend sweeping the nation. We personally love these lights, they add such a twinkly, romantic ambiance to your party. Here are some different ways to incorporate market lights, other smaller style lights and chandeliers or pendant lighting to your overall design.


Make the lights your reception backdrop.


This waterfall style lighting, gives plenty of light while standing out as a piece of art.


These hanging lanterns give you that vintage, secret garden feel that is to die for.


Add different elements like flag pendants or hanging ribbon to add dimension and texture to your lighting displays.



Lights looks great both inside and out. Mix lighting styles like string lights and a chandelier for a unique design.


Use lights to highlight your signage.



Use icicle lights to set the mood.


Whether there are a lot of strands or just a few strategically placed focal pieces, lights can add a whole new element to your wedding.

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