Kombucha Margaritas

If you know me at all, you know I love myself a cocktail. What I love more, is creating new cocktails! I’m always dreaming up something different. Sometimes they are a total flop – but sometimes they are deeelish!

Now, switching gears to my hubby. He loves cocktails just as much as the next guy, but he loves kombucha. Love loves. He even makes his own! Which is actually a crazy cool process. It’s like we have a science project growing in our fridge haha. Anyways, the other day while I was literally melting away because it was so hot, and I wanted to make some popsicles to cool down. The problem was, I didn’t really have anything around the house to make them with. Except a bottle of my husband’s kombucha!

Now, in case you read popsicles and cocktails and you’re already jumping up to make something alcoholic frozen – it should be noted that alcohol won’t completely freeze. At least not the way a normal juice/yogurt/whatever popsicle will. That’s not all bad, but just something to consider. I enjoy making cocktails and then using a non alcoholic popsicle as a spoon/mixer if you will.

So what I did was make my special margaritas! And then instead of adding lime, I added my popsicle as the mixer and swirled it around until part of it melted and then just kept stirring/sipping. It almost acts as an ice cube that doesn’t water down your drink! Which, if you’re a hard core cocktail drinker, is worth it’s weight in gold!

For your margaritas:

  • 2 parts tequila
  • 1 part triple sec
  • squeeze half a lemon
  • squeeze a whole lime – skip the lime if you’re adding the kombucha

Put all ingredients + some ice in a shaker. Shake it up and serve over ice!

Enjoy! And happy weekend friends!

Shoutout to Adriana of Simply Adri Photography for all the gorgeous photos

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