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Anyone that lives in Southern California knows that just because it’s August, doesn’t mean our summer is any closer to coming to an end. In fact, the worst is probably still yet to come. Here are some helpful ideas to keep your guests cool and comfortable at your wedding.


Offer your guest a refreshing cold treat. These mini fruit sorbets are sure to keep people happy.


Don’t blind your guests with your love. How about providing some custom wedding sunglasses for everyone to enjoy.


Do you and your ladies a favor and look for light weight dresses.


Set up a self serve drink station to keep your guests hydrated.


Make sure you have some built in shady spots. Don’t relay on the natural afternoon shade alone.


Custom wedding fans are a great way to decorate and cool off your family and friends.


This sun screen and water spray bottle station is a perfect way to protect your guests from the sun and overheating.



Or better yet, offer your guests an umbrella and a shot and get the show on the road!

Who’s having an August wedding this year? Share with us how you’re staying cool!

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