How to Choose Your Bridesmaids


The holidays are over. You just got engaged. And now let the planning begin. First things first, you want to get your #girlsquad together. But who do you pick?? This can be a tricky step in the planning. But don’t worry, we’ve seen the good, very good, the bad and the ugly. Picking the right gang will ensure your day is fun and drama free.

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Make a list! Start by listing everyone who could be a contender. Don’t worry, it will most likely be way too many and we’ll be narrowing it down. Now, circle the ladies who would be excited to stand by your side, plan the showers, and party with you at your bachelorette. The ones who will be actively helping. Not grumbling. Or maybe not the ones who live the furthest or have many other commitments.mccormick_home_ranch_wedding_photos_0007-570x380

Obligations/Wedding Etiquette: Throw it out the window! Just because your cousin Cindy asked you to be one of her bridesmaids, doesn’t mean you’re obligated to do the same (sorry Cindy). Same goes for a future sister in-law. You don’t need 10 bridesmaids because half of them are there because you felt obligated. It ends up not being fun for anyone.


Quality vs. Quantity. Less can be more in this situation. Think of ladies who not only have stood by you in the past – but those that you know will be with you for years (decades) to come. There is nothing more sad than looking back on your wedding day, and realize you don’t even talk to half the people who stood up with you on arguably the biggest day of your life. If your man has 8 men, and you only have 6 who you really want with you, don’t feel like you need to add two just to make it even! There are so many fun and unique ways to manage uneven bridal parties -don’t fret!

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Timing & Situations. Be mindful of where your girls are at in their life and also, just where they live geographically. It might be hard on someone who is expecting a baby in a couple months to play double duty as mom to be and bridesmaid. Where your ladies are at financially might be something to consider at all. If someone can’t afford it, it might not be the best fit. This is definitely where “communication is key” comes to play. Be open and honest with them – they will appreciate you all the more for it!5578b4499a49fx9001-570x420

Extra tips: If you love a certain gal, but for whatever reason she can’t be a bridesmaid – maybe give her a fun job on the day of to help her feel included. Or let her be the one to organize the “getaway car decor” so she has a leadership role in a small way – and it also is one less thing for your bridesmaids to worry about!


Most importantly, being a bridesmaid can be hard, time consuming, and expensive. So take every opportunity to let your ladies know how much you love and appreciate them!

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