How to Achieve the Best Bridesmaid Experience

Last week on my Instagram, I asked you guys about your experience as a bridesmaid. What you loved… what you didn’t? What were the things that were the most annoying/dramatic/lame and boy did you guys deliver! It’s no surprise that there are some “elements” to being a bridesmaid that are less than…. how shall we say it? Fun. Let’s face it, anytime you get a group of girls together (friends or not) drama often ensues. Throw in an ugly (and expensive) dress and there is bound to be difficulties. But why?? Why does this feel like it’s always a thing??

On the Wedding Therapy Podcast, Meghan and I do a deep dive on why we think these issues arise and our best tips on how to avoid these bridal party blunders. So, first and foremost… you should probably check out the latest episode on HERE. You’re welcome.

The BIGGEST issue when it comes to Bridal Party drama is EXPECTATIONS. Unmet expectations and unspoken expectations. Most women agree to take this role not knowing AT ALL what the real emotional and financial expectations are. So here’s my key advice:

  1. Brides. Do you your research first. Plan out what it is you ACTUALLY want. How many events do you want? i.e. showers, bachelorette, etc.
  2. Brides. Ask around and utilize your planner. How much money are all of these events going to cost your girls. How much (on average) are they going to spend on their dress, travel, accessories, shoes, etc. Write it all down.
  3. Brides. When you ask your ladies… let them know they can TOTALLY say no if they can’t commit to any of the above commitments. Whether it’s financial, time management, or just emotionally. And you have to be 100% okay with it if they say no. Don’t take it personal. Be grateful that this gal loves you enough to be honest with you.
  4. Bridesmaids. If you say yes – commit 100% Don’t be a grump. Don’t talk shit. Generally be agreeable, helpful, and have a “go with the flow” attitude.

I get it -sometimes it’s hard to go online and figure out what generally is expected of you as a Bridesmaid – so I put together not one – but TWO FREE Printables for you guys! One is what I like to call “The Ultimate Bridesmaid Checklist” and the other is what I call “The Do’s & Don’ts for being a Bridesmaid”

I hope you guys find these resources helpful and shed some light on being a Bridesmaid! It doesn’t have to be all bad – I promise!! I’d also love to hear any tips you guys have from your own experiences in the comments below – let’s all help each other be the best friends to our ladies as we can :-)


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