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If you’ve been on Etsy for practically any given amount of time.. you’ve seen a wood watch. You’ve probably seen several different stores selling a watch that pretty much looks like every other wood watch. And they are so cool. I’ve wanted to buy one for years. But being the good consumer that I am, I began reading a ton of reviews around my birthday last year and realized that many of those trendy, earthy, cool watches are not that awesome, in fact. They are cheaply made, and fall apart quickly. So since then, I’ve pretty much dismissed the idea that wood watches are actually as smart as a buy as they appear to be. Sad face.


Then, I discovered JORD watches. And man, these are seriously next level. What I noticed first was their metal faces and their diamond details. I had never seen this before on a wood watch. All the wood watches on Etsy seemed to have one thing in common – they were made from ALL wood. But not JORD. There is a level of luxury as well as sustainability to these little pieces of arm candy. Which I love. Mixing nostalgia with modern elements. It’s genius really, and my type of company. I chose the maple wood with rose gold face from the Sidney series and it is even more beautiful in person & literally matches everything in my wardrobe.


For me, packaging is almost as important as the product itself! I know, I’m weird like that. I’ll try a new perfume simply if the bottle is well designed and I like the typeface haha. The incredible wood boxes that these watches arrive in are like Christmas for me. The beautifully carved top slides off revealing your watch tucked neatly around a beautiful pillow – perfect for safe keeping when you’re not wearing it; providing functionality as well.  It’s the perfect Christmas/Bday/treat yo’ self present!


Okay, now enter my original idea for this post. The Gentlemen! (drumroll, please)

One of the #1 random questions I get asked as a wedding planner from my clients is… “I don’t know if this is what you do… but my fiance is having the hardest time finding a good gift for his groomsmen.” OR “I’m sure this isn’t part of your job, but what should I get my fiance for his wedding day gift?? Help!” Which is so hard for me, because I don’t know his groomsmen… or what they are in to. But what I do know is most men love watches. Some are even obsessed. I even got my hubs a vintage pocket watch for his wedding gift, and I didn’t even know if he liked watches that much! When I first heard of JORD and saw their incredible product, my first thought was literally, these would make incredible grooms/groomsmen gifts! And they are so versatile, they could work for the boho outdoorsy hispter wedding or the hotel banquet room, black tie affair. That’s how luxurious these watches are -they aren’t the crafty DIY vibe at all. Because that’s not what you want in a piece that is going to last.



So, we put together a little inspiration so you ladies could see just how awesome these mens watches are. I convinced the hubs to throw on his wedding attire to rock this bad boy. My outfit is actually the same exact I wore for our vow renewal about 3 years ago, making me feel lovey dovey all over again. I love how the wood contrasts with his semi-polished look. We are def the more outdoorsy boho vibe, in case you can’t tell. But his watch just ties together his whole ensemble and even adds to the outdoors element.



And again with that packaging! If you get these for all your groomsmen, you literally wouldn’t have to add ANYTHING! Well, you should definitely add a card or nice words (wink, wink) but that is such a selling point for mens gifts. The packaging and the product is all in one. Done and done. And I guarantee, your groomsmen will walk away thinking that this is hands down the best gift they’ve ever received for being in a wedding!


Huge shoutout to Becca Rillo Photography for capturing all these beautiful images! She is an incredible Los Angeles based wedding photographer extraordinaire!

What do you guys think? The perfect piece to rock on your wedding day? I think so!

Wooden Watch Review

*This is a sponsored post from JORD woodwatches 


  1. These watches are gorgeous! What a great gift idea! I will definitely be sharing this with some of my friends.

  2. Simply stunning! These scream luxury with their beautiful craftsmanship and decadent detail. I’m so glad I found these now with Christmas just around the corner! What a unique gift.

  3. What a gorgeous watch! Definitely going on a Christmas wishlist!

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