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Wedding season is officially upon us! You know what that mean, ladies? Bridal Showers for dayyyys. Now, I know that sometimes that can be super overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! We partnered with AdoreMe to bring you our 10 fav unique Bridal Shower gifts to help you navigate the gifting process this season.

Typically the go-to gift for a shower is sexy lingerie! My fav place to shop for adorable sets is AdoreMe. I’ve been a member for literally years. My favorite part about their subscription process is that I can skip whenever I want! No pressure to buy!

I love a good set as much as the next girl, but sometimes lingerie doesn’t fit that specific friend. And that is when we get stumped, am I right? So, here are our unique options to fit any personality/lifestyle. See the graphic above for all our suggestions – but here are my all time favs:

Winc: A monthly wine subscription – you can totally gift a wine subscription to your rose loving friend! I am also a member here and obsessed with the quality, price, and bottle design (because that’s important too haha) This also may be a great gift just for yourself… because let’s face it, we could all use some wine delivered right to our door!

And don’t forget about date night! Maybe you have a friend that loves quality time. Gift her with a set of movie passes so that her and her man have date night already figured out! Or perhaps, you have a bestie who lives far from her fam or friends? Gift her with airline miles or an airline gift card┬áso she can visit her loved ones with her man after the wedding. Talk about thoughtful!!

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