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If you’re recently engaged and trying to figure out how to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids, and feeling a little overwhelmed. You’re not alone! Pinterest is a dangerous world with literally thousands of ideas ranging from super cool to super lame and from really affordable to really expensive. It’s a lot. We get it. You want to make your squad feel loved… but there are also SO many other details to worry about… you know, like finding a venue and choosing the perfect photographer – you know, getting married stuff. We get it. That’s why when we discovered Greetabl we immediately thought of YOU guys. The brides. This is seriously the coolest idea and maybe one of the easiest out there! It’s quick, easy, and affordable. The trifecta.

So, what it actually is: You choose a design. Upload some fun pics of you and your girls. Pic your special gift (there are so many great ones to choose from!) Enter in your girl’s shipping info – and Greetabl delivers the cutest little box that unwraps into quite a spread! Showcasing your design, photos, gift, and your letter. We actually went through the whole process of ordering one to show you the end product and share our tips when designing your box. The end result is so stunning, your squad will literally squeal when they open it!

One of my favorite features is, the photos that you upload, actually come perforated into the cutest little squares and just pop right out as little keepsakes. It’s almost like they were made for bridesmaids! The hardest part for us was choosing only 3 haha

The quality of the photos and the cardstock the box is made out of is really great. They also change up their designs so you can keep going back and never feel like you end up sending the same thing… because let’s face it, you’ll get addicted and want to send more.

I love the little gifts they offer! There are about 30 to choose from and they have something for everyone. So you can totally customize your boxes for each girl. I chose champagne gummy bears… because, champagne. duh. There is a total on the top right when choosing gifts, so you can click on a gift and see what your total will end up being, which I love. No surprises. The gifts range in price from $3 -$20 so can fit with any budget!

Once you’ve picked your design, photos, gift, and written your message you’re ready to ship! It’ seriously as easy and 1, 2, 3.

And if you’re reading this and thinking, well that’s cool… but I’m not getting married. Greetabl was actually designed for just sending thoughtful, instagram-worthy snail mail to your loved ones – so that includes everyone! If you have a friend’s bday coming up – maybe send them a Greetabl box instead of a birthday card?! It’s a gift & a card in one and they will LOVE it!

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