Grapefruit Lavender Soap DIY


I love bath products. So. Much. Every Thursday I find myself hanging out in front of the goats milk soaps that are so incredibly fragrant and I have to stop myself from spending $200 on 4 soaps lol. So, I turned to Pinterest in search of a better option. And low and behold I discovered the most amazing (and simple recipe ever!) I posted my first batch on Instagram and I got a huge response from interested gals so I thought I’d share the process that I found on A Beautiful Mess here as well as details on my second batch where I made my own recipe =)

{SUPPLIES} – goats milk soap base – found mine HERE // silicon mold (I used this one) // essential oils- I used grapefruit, lavender, peppermint (not all together!)

{EXTRAS} Grapefruit zest // Poppyseeds


STEP 1: Break apart your soap into chunks and heat up in a microwave safe bowl for 30 seconds and then 10 sec intervals until completely melted. That’s what my instructions on the box told me – follow the instructions on whichever soap you buy for best results.

Step 2: Once melted add your essential oils. I added the grapefruit first and then just a few drops of lavender. Then I mixed it all up. Next I added the poppyseed and lavender buds and mixed.


Step 3: Pour mixed ingredients into soap molds and let dry. My instructions said to let sit 1 hour, but I let is sit longer Рabout 3-4 hours  and then popped them out!

WARNING: Your kitchen will smell amazing and you just might be tempted to eat the soaps!


Photography by: Meghan Christine Photography


  1. hai! i’m Dita from Indonesia.. such a great time to found your site and finally found how to make this unique DIY soap.. thanks for sharing.. greeting from me..


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