Gifting your Husband On Your Wedding Day


With wedding season upon us, it can get a little stressful trying to figure out all those small details that seem to add up like wildfire. One of the many details is what to get your future hub for his “wedding gift” for the day of. There are SO many options out there with Etsy and Pinterest flooding your feeds with ideas, it can almost be more overwhelming with all the options.


That’s why wood watches from Jord are so perfect to me, they are such a classic gift – yet, they have that “cool factor.” Their new Spring Series for men, Delmar is manly and fun with so many different color faces you can choose from. You can make it match your wedding colors as a timeless reminder of your special day!


Now, for some of you… you’re wedding has long past (like me) and you’re not concerned with a wedding day gift, but you’re coming up on your anniversary. For us,  it’s our 5 year anniversary (woot woot!) and guess what? The traditional gift for 5 years is wood! For all of you 5 year-ers, what a perfect gift to give your hubs?! And if you’re also like us, and haven’t followed ANY of the “traditional anniversary gifts” it makes a great gift no matter what year your on :-)

Now, since I’m not a dude. And I don’t wear his watch (although, that could be kind of a fun new thing to try!), I’ll let him give you the honest review of the product. He’s been wearing it pretty much daily for the last couple weeks and here are his thoughts.

“This is hands down my new favorite watch. I really love the color. I know there are other color options, but I feel like I don’t see many watches out there with this light wood stain, and it matches pretty much all of my clothes, which makes life easy. A big thing with watches, I’ve found, is the links catch on the little hairs on my wrist/arm and it’s so annoying. This watch doesn’t do that at all! Also, the shape is super unique. The Delmar line is my favorite by far. I feel like no one has the same thing out there and that’s pretty cool. And finally, I’ve owned cheap watches, and super expensive watches, what I love about this watch is it’s super lightweight, but doesn’t feel cheap – if that makes sense?” 


And guess what?! I’ve got some pretty exciting news – I’ve partnered with JORD to give my special readers (that’s you!) $35 off your next purchase of the Drift Series!! Just enter:DRIFTtastefultatters35 at checkout.

I guess we know what all the hubbies and dad’s are getting this summer!

*Special thanks to Erica Huls for the gorgeous photos!

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