Faux Gold Terrarium DIY

Gold Terrarium’s are everywhere these days. You can pick one up at Target, West Elm, Anthropologie, you name it! So naturally, the trend is trickling over to weddings. While planning with one of my brides (see last post) about her tablescape, she had a few terrarium’s she wanted to include with the florals, but she didn’t have enough for the large tables. With each one costing a minimum of $20, things could add up quickly. I knew there had to be a way to make them in bulk for less. Because in the end, the bride didn’t actually need to own 30 terrarium’s, she just needed them for table decor. I was on a mission!


So, here is what you need: paper straws (any color!), gold spray paint, gold wire (3 yards or so)


You can cut your straws in half (or any size – just depends on how big you want your terrarium to be). I cut mine in half and it makes a terrarium about 4-5 inches all around. Begin by feeding 3 straws through the wire and then fold the wire to make a triangle. Be sure too leave enough extra wire on the end so you can feed that back into a straw to hide the end.



After you can a complete triangle with only one long end of the wire poking out, add 2 more straws to make another triangle – using the base from the first one.



Then, you only have 1 more straw left to complete close it all up. Keep threading the wire into straws to make it more sturdy and bit tighter.


You will probably have a little left over, so you can wrap the wire around a few times at one of the points really tight and then cut it off. Viola! I stopped at a triangle shape, but you can make two of these and connect them to make a more octagon-like geode shape. That’s what I did for Bethany’s terrariums. Then, you can spray paint the whole thing! * I spray painted my straws first because I wanted it to look prettier in the process for you guys, but I would do it last – the paint rubs off a little when you’re wrapping it up with wire.


Huge shoutout to Raul Carrillo for taking all the wonderful photos for you guys!

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