Dollar Store Trash Bin DIY

Now, I must admit this title sounds a little lame/depressing. Trash bins aren’t the most glorious things to think about, am I right? I mean, it’s for trash. But today, I’m going to share how to turn a boring little trash bin into a cute decorative storage space for your office!

What You’ll Need:


Metal Trash Bin, Spray Paint, Lace (or ribbon, yard, fabric, etc), plastic bag

I first got this idea when I was at the Dollar Store getting candy for a movie I was going to… and they only had black – which looked so bleh to me. But when I went back to actually get one for the project, they had white too! And to be honest – the white wasn’t that bad haha. So if you wanted to make this a SUPER easy DIY and you can find a white one – just throw on some fabric or lace for a little “extra” and you’re good to go!


I bought the white, but decided it needed some color anyways =) I went with a fun coral/pinkish color. I used the brand, Design Master. It’s my all-time FAV! No drips, super fine mist for a perfectly smooth coat. Plus, they have awesome colors. You can find at most craft stores. ¬†Now, I have a little trick for my spray paint projects. My husband swears I’m going to ruin my wedding ring with all the crazy DIY’s I do – especially when I spray paint. So I came up with this crazy plastic bag contraption to give him a peace of mind. Simply put your hand in a plastic bag (all the way in) so you have a full covering while you spray! Husbands – you can thank me later.

>>> It was really funny posing for this, for some reason lol


Now, for the actual painting process – be sure you get the basket from ALL angles. It’s super easy to miss a spot on something like this – since the surface areas are all rounded. I started with the outside top and worked to the outside bottom and then went back to the top from all the inside angles.

Next, I added a fun ivory lace ribbon to the top as the finishing touch by weaving it in and out of the openings. A thick satin ribbon would work great here as well. Or a huge bundle of mismatched ribbons would look so cool! I love that I can change this part up whenever I want to give the basket a whole new look.


I’m using mine to store my larger rolls of paper – because those things are just so hard to store! They always keep unraveling or they get weird folds from bring squashed in my office. So this was the perfect solution. It could work in an office for storage – or even an adorable trash can for paper waste! I ¬†mean, trash never looked cuter.


Photos by: Meghan Christine Photography


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