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With the new year upon us, there are bound to be many moments and milestones that deserve celebration! Not to mention – 2019 weddings! While every celebration and event will have it’s own unique flare, confetti poppers are a sure way to add some excitement and surprise to any occasion. Best of all, these exploding party starters are a super easy prop to DIY with materials you probably already have at home (or at least easy to get a your local craft store!) What’s better than that? Plus, you can customize them to match either your event decor or theme by adding personal touches inside – like themed confetti or even small pieces of candy!

Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday, or revealing the gender of your new little one, these printable confetti popper labels from Personal Creations add the perfect touch and added pop to your celebration! You might end up finding bits of confetti around your house for months to come, but trust me, it’s totally worth it haha.

How-To Steps

  1. Knot your balloon, then cut off the tip. Stretch balloon tightly around your toilet paper tube and secure with a piece of packing tape.
  2. Cut out your printable label and secure with tape around the tube. Add additional glitter or stickers if desired.
  3. The DIY your own confetti, take fringe scissors and cut your metallic tissue paper and any additional paper you prefer to be made into confetti. I suggest making 3 tablespoons of confetti per tube.
  4. Add the confetti to the tube. You may need to use a rolled pieces of paper as a funnel to guide your confetti into the tube.
  5. Cover the top of the confetti popper with a thin layer of tissue paper and tape. Then instruct guests to take off right before popping.
  6. To launch your confetti popper, pull down on the bottom knot of the balloon and let go. The confetti should shoot up in the air with a pop! (Perfect for a joyous photo op!)

I hope you guys love this simple but fun DIY! If you end up making these for an engagement party, wedding, or just a fun celebration – would love if you leave a comment below!!

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