Color Block Garden Tools DIY


This DIY is so unbelievably easy it’s not even funny. And with summer coming to a close – my garden tools were looking pretty dingy and beat up. I was thinking they needed a little sprucing up =) Like fun new purple garden tools!

What You’ll Need:

garden tools with wooden handles (I got mine at the Dollar Store) // plastic bag // spray paint (I prefer Design Master)


First you’ll need to take off anything on the tool that you don’t want painted. I took off the leather tie at the end, and then just re-tied it after everything was dry. Then, cover the part you don’t want to get painted with a plastic bag and spray!


Just look at these cuties! (Kathrina : the purple was for you!) And please don’t judge my dead herbs hanging there haha


These would also make great gifts for friends just moving into their new home – or

even a fun stocking stuffer for that friend who is a total garden lover!

p.s. look at how cute my little corn stalks are?! They are up to my shoulders now!

All photos by Meghan Christine Photography

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