Coconut Dessert Bowl DIY


Have you guys heard of Amazebowls in Downtown LA yet? You should definitely check them out, if you haven’t. I was there last week and their Acai is incredible… and the presentation is just downright beautiful. So, naturally, I took a pic of my creation and posted it on Snapchat. My sister in DC replied to my post, “I wish I could eat all my meals out of a coconut bowl” in jest… but it got me thinking. Why not?? There are so many fun things you could ┬ámake in these adorable coconuts! Namely, desserts! Later that week, I came up with a fun banana pudding dessert that I think you guys will LOVE and here it is!


All you need is: coconuts (make sure they are fresh!), banana pudding mis, milk, lots of fruit and toppings!

To open your coconuts: Use a screwdriver to open up the three holes on the end and drain the water. Then, hold them sideways (so the holes are on the sides) and take a hammer and just hit the center while rotating it forward. This will create a crack in the natural seem. The best way to get a visual is type in: “how to crack open a coconut on Youtube” – seriously! Once you have your halves, fill them with pudding and them top them off. We made a chocolate chip, granola, fudge, coconut one & a fruity option. We also made a tropical fruit smoothie option and topped it off with more fruit. You could even do a chocolate pudding one! Top it off with nuts and raspberries… oh man, I’m craving some of that right now.



As I was making these… mostly because I love banana pudding and I rarely need an excuse for dessert in the middle of the day… but I was thinking of how insanely fun it would be to have a pudding bar for a bridal shower or bachelorette weekend! Wouldn’t that be so fun and unique?! And think of all the instagrammable moments! SO there you have it – make them for yourself on a summer day, for a dinner party dessert… or your whole girl squad! Easy and fun!




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